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Tested positive for coronavirus

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rocketstop Sun 17-May-20 09:41:47

We are suffering from CV at the moment, it has completely floored us and we are both under 60.
Has anyone on here had it and has experience of it's phases ?
It feels very frightening, the effects are awful.I suppose I'm looking for light at the end of the tunnel .

hulahoop Sun 17-May-20 09:44:05

Hope you feel better soon ?

GagaJo Sun 17-May-20 09:45:30

My brother had it and was horribly ill. His wife had it and was only mildly affected.
A friend has had it and has been very ill for a while although may be improving now.

Witzend Sun 17-May-20 09:46:15

I don’t know anyone personally, but close friends of a friend (a couple, early and mid 70s) both had it quite badly, felt utterly exhausted all the time, but did not need hospital and are now recovering well.
I do hope you’ll both be feeling a lot better soon.?

GagaJo Sun 17-May-20 09:48:15

dizzyblonde Sun 17-May-20 09:58:50

Both myself and DH have had it, it really wasn’t that bad for us. DH is 58 and has AF and I’m 55. DH had a temp for one day and then cold symptoms but no cough. My temp went up to 37.6 and I never had a cough but felt short of breath. I have a pulse Oximeter and my sats dropped to 91% on exertion but recovered within five minutes. I was very tired and had reduced sense of smell and taste. If we hadn’t tested positive we would have thought we’d just had colds and not particularly bad ones at that.
Both of us are totally recovered now.

Glorybee Sun 17-May-20 10:01:02

I had what I assume was CV 8 weeks ago. It started with feeling mildly unwell one day and the next day I had a raised temperature and felt ‘fluey’. I had a continuous dry cough and alternated between sleeping in bed, up for a short while then going back to bed. It did feel like a strange type of ‘flu’ and lasted for a week before my temperature went down and the cough eased. For a week after that, I had what felt like fluid at the bottom of my lungs, although I had no catarrh at all during the previous week. I googled techniques on how to encourage phlegm up which helped, I did feel quite washed out for a while after it. I hope you both feel much better very soon.

Luckygirl Sun 17-May-20 10:03:21

I do hope you will make a quick recovery. Look after yourselves.

Grandmafrench Sun 17-May-20 10:10:44

How awful for you both, rocketstop and how frightening. I’m pleased to hear you say you’re suffering from the virus rather than “fighting” it, though.

From all that I’ve read and discussed with my Doctor, it is so important to remember that any virus has to work through it’s stages in your system. Your immune system fighting on your behalf will possibly make you feel absolutely exhausted and probably for a good while, even after you’ve recovered. So, just listen to your body and rest, rest, rest. There’s no time limit put on this - everyone is different even if you’re young and fit! Do absolutely nothing which could compromise your recovery. Sleep any old time and for as long as you need to. Take analgesics or cough medicine if necessary. Take very good care of yourself and make sure that you keep up your fluid intake.

If your symptoms do involve breathing problems, be aware that you should get medical help. If it’s easier sleep upright against pillows or on your stomach without a pillow, but get medical help.

Ignore all the usual responsibilities of life......just rest and recover and take your time. Always, slowly does it after a virus. Take care, we’re all wishing you an uncomplicated recovery!

Liz46 Sun 17-May-20 10:11:05

I hope you feel better soon. Do any of you who have had the virus know how you caught it? I am asking from a selfish point of view as I am 'extremely vulnerable'. We have a food delivery arriving shortly so am about to get the bleach out. Just how neurotic should we be about cleaning deliveries etc.?

Grandmafrench Sun 17-May-20 10:17:29

Don ‘t care about being neurotic, liz, just do all you can to keep your own home safe. Give anything which arrives at your home a wipe down in bleach/soapy water, leave all parcels outside somewhere safe for 48 hours before unpacking and destroying the wrapping. Keep away from all delivery drivers - we have a sign saying ring bell, but don’t wait! You just need to keep yourself safe because, sadly, you can’t trust everyone to do it for you. Have a good Sunday.

rocketstop Sun 17-May-20 10:38:00

Thank you all so much for your replies.
To anyone who is interested in the symtoms, we DID have the dry cough for the first few days, not so much now, but the joint/muscle pain has been horrendous.Our whole bodies feel like lead and when you go to walk you feel like you are dragging an elephant around with you.
Our chests feel squashed, we feel nauseous and our sense of taste has gone completely. Feel dizzy on and off.
I feel depressed the last day or so, but that's probably with the fatigue.

As for how we got the virus..well no one can fully know, but first let me say, I have wiped and washed every piece of shopping, every carrier that has come into this house, I have not been in a shop or any other place except my home for seven weeks BUT poor husband is a bus driver, so we 99% know that is where it has come from.Some of you may remember my post a few weeks ago where I complained people were disregarding lockdown and catching the bus to town to get a Takeaway coffee just because they 'Wanted something to do' I know pretty much then that we would get it.

Glorybee Sun 17-May-20 10:43:48

Liz46 - I think I got mine from a very busy garden centre. I haven’t used any public transport and my husband does the supermarket shopping. Incidentally, he didn’t get any symptoms whatsoever but he does have a healthier diet and walks a lot for exercise - I’ve started to do both these things now! He had stents fitted 10 years ago due to furred arteries but is very healthy otherwise.

Harris27 Sun 17-May-20 10:51:35

Listene do all of this and hoping I won’t get it on returning to work after being off this long, I do work with children and. Miss my job a lot but worried about going back I must admit. Will just have to be careful.

NfkDumpling Sun 17-May-20 10:59:26

I hope you feel better soon Rocket.

My DH and I (both over 70 and him with low immunity due to medication) had the symptoms you describe back at the beginning of February. Of course there was no testing then, so we don’t know for sure if its what we had. I got off lightly and was better within a few days, although still having afternoon naps for about a week, but DH was quite poorly. It wasn’t helped that he’d picked up an inner ear infection while we were away and his balance had gone to pot. It took about a month before the fatigue lifted and longer before he was properly back to normal - by which time self-isolating was in force and then we had to Shield.

We’d spent two hours in the ‘Holding’ area for those needing assistance in Schipol airport on our way back from holiday (due to DH’s balance problem). Usually there’s only one or two other people in there, but this time it was crowded with poorly people who looked as if they’d come from the Far East. It was hot, stuffy and airless. This virus has been around a lot longer than most think.

NfkDumpling Sun 17-May-20 11:00:35

A nursing friend told us to drink plenty. Good advise.

Washerwoman Sun 17-May-20 14:58:19

Our DD and partner have had it.He is a police officer so tested and positive, and she tested negative but followed him with symptoms a couple of days later. Temperature, aches, fatigue and slight cough and shortness of breath.Both recovered now but DD very tired for some time. Guessing he contracted at work.
At the same time I was ill for 2 weeks then very tired a following 2 Leeds.Not tested but presume CV.Started with terrible leg pains.Then fever on and off for 10 days and no cough but airways felt dry and short of breath a bit.
I'm fine now and never called GP.Panadol for aches and keep temp down. Lots and lots of fluids and absolute rest.Especially in first phase as didn't want to deteriorate.
Only had one trip to M&S in the fortnight prior.Plus daily walk in quietish woods etc.So presume it was the shopping trip.Or the jogger who ran round a corner literally into me a few days before!

Washerwoman Sun 17-May-20 14:59:21

Typo.meant following 2 weeks not Leeds ?!