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Other countries' handling of relaxation of lock-down - should we do the same?

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Jillybird Mon 18-May-20 14:42:29

I'm in the UK - England to be exact. As we know, there are also Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to consider, each of whom have different approaches to coming out of lock-down.
My sister in is Guernsey. The island is tiny and has just about 67,000 people. They, however, seem to have accomplished containment pretty well. Any visitors had to be quarantined for a fortnight on arrival, as soon as the virus spread to the island - unlike the freedom which was allowed at Heathrow, Gatwick and Dover.
Their new phase as from just over a week ago is that they can choose one other household to socialise with. That household must also choose them. Of course, in a lot of situations there must be problems - making choices between one set of grandparents and the other could be fraught with angst. However, for my sister it worked out really well. She chose her daughter and her daughter chose her. My sister's son's wife chose her sister, so that wasn't a problem, and my sister's husband's adult sons chose other family members. All worked well, including being able to socialise in each other's homes and gardens - but unlike us, not in public spaces. There is NO confusion about who you can be with and who you might touch. They are hugging happily.
I'd be interested to hear how Grans from other countries are experiencing the slow release from lock-down and how, in their experience it works - well, or not!

Pantglas2 Mon 18-May-20 15:32:57

Interesting jillybird. I live near Anglesey where there is a similar population and being an island it would have been easy to close to bridges to the mainland and the port at Holyhead. However there would’ve been a lot of noise from ROI/EU!

They’ve had 13 deaths and around 120 confirmed cases by remaining open.