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How to manage the virus in the autumn

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Greta Sun 31-May-20 14:03:28

I hope the easing of the lockdown works. As far as one understands viruses don't like heat and sunshine and summer is here so we will see a decline in the number of new cases. However, autumn will return and all sorts of viruses including Covid-19 descend on us again. We are not likely to want to sit in gardens for any length of time.

Even if we are allowed to enter houses I can't see how, in a typical British house, you can have groups of six people 2 m apart. Many people's living rooms just can't accommodate that.
Will social distancing then be left to 'instinct'? What are your thoughts?

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 14:31:21

Maybe mask wearing, having as many windows open as possible etc etc will help. Just think in terms of our homes being like a hospital. Wonder if new homes being built will now have outside toilets? And also separate bathroom/toilet the way they used to be when people first had bathrooms.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 31-May-20 14:37:52

God knows. I can see this going on and on.

maddyone Sun 31-May-20 15:00:12

I so much hope it doesn’t go on and on. I’m not confident though. I’m hoping for a vaccine. There are many scientists working their socks off all over the world to try to find a vaccine, or a medication that will work. I’m more confident about the possibility of a vaccine than a cure.

sharon103 Sun 31-May-20 15:07:14

I don't like to think that far ahead.
I'm pretty sure it will be distancing for a long time though.

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 15:08:41

The trouble is, the scientists from all over the world don't seem to be working together enough. We don't seem to be making great strides in our understanding of the virus or how to treat it. Interesting to hear that Guernsey is now virus free. Yet another place that has a leader with a scientific background. And they had a system in place to test, trace, quarantine ages ago. Says it all, really.

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 15:12:22

..actually, not a leader...need to check the facts;

AGAA4 Sun 31-May-20 16:14:18

I am just hoping that things may be better for everyone by the Autumn. The virus will still be around but could be further along to getting better treatments or a vaccine.

LadyBella Sun 31-May-20 16:19:30

From what I've heard, few people think there will ever be a vaccine. Probably the best we can hope for is that the virus fades away as others have done. It will probably take a long time though and it may be difficult for everyone this winter. We may have to behave differently such as turning down the heating and wearing thicker clothes as central heating is not healthy. And leaving the windows open as someone suggested. All things we used to do in the past. And wearing masks may become the norm.

Tabbycat Sun 31-May-20 16:30:23

I'm with you maddyone - all my hope is on an effective vaccine being found. The fine weather over the past 10 weeks has helped to make this lockdown bearable - the daily walks, queueing outside at supermarkets (and pharmacies) and now meeting up in parks have nearly all been done in dry, sunny conditions. In the autumn there'll be rain, wind, cold, and possibly snow; and the days will be getting shorter, so we won't be able to get out.

EllanVannin Sun 31-May-20 16:33:13

Hot countries have suffered too so heat isn't the answer ?

aggie Sun 31-May-20 16:36:27

We need to keep up the hand washing , and wiping everything with a bleach solution as well as masks
I think hygiene is the answer

EllanVannin Sun 31-May-20 16:41:58

Crowds, flights, transport , schools---places where there are gatherings at close proximity.
Some people ought to adopt cleanliness then diseases could be eradicated. Soap and water's cost is minimal.

There's a programme on tonight called " Filthy Britain SOS ", whether I watch it is debateable as I know my insides will be doing a somersault if I do.

EllanVannin Sun 31-May-20 16:42:44

Aggie I agree 100% with you.

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 17:55:41

Hopefully a reliable antibody test will be a game changer.

Franbern Sun 31-May-20 18:03:58

Do worry about so much bleach going into waste water supply - and eventually into sea. soap and water hand washing yes, but why this obsession with wiping everything down so often with bleach??

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 19:18:05

I think bleach breaks down quite well. My cousin used to work for the council and he told me that. I think antibacterial stuff is a worry and microfibres. Maybe someone scientific would know. It upsets me the amount of plastic we're now using for PPE though when we'd just started to make an effort to reduce use of plastic [not that I'm saying it shouldn't be used for that reason].