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House of Commons - that didn’t last long did it?

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MawB Thu 04-Jun-20 10:49:55

Alok Sharma seems to have been taken ill yesterday in the HoC which rather puts the boot in on the government’s insistence of “real” attendance and voting in person.
How many people might he have infected I wonder?
And if so, what a prime example of the over early easing of lockdown measures.
Of course it might have been a dodgy takeaway - these days we just can’t tell.

paddyanne Thu 04-Jun-20 10:55:30

Lockdown is still in place here in Scotland ,the very fact that some of our MP's had to break the law/rule to get to WM was ridiculous when they could have voted digitally .Quite frankly this is just Mogg playing games and showing ENGLAND is in charge ..its not a union of any kind its the colonisation of the countries in the supposed union.I am very ashamed of my fellow "scots " who think being treated like second class citizens is normal and right .Independence is NORMAL and we need to get it and get out of Westminsters mess asap.None of the 100 + other countries who regained their freedom have ever asked to come back...sort of says it all !

MawB Thu 04-Jun-20 11:06:57

If there was any justice in the world it would have been Rees-Mogg who caught it hmm

J52 Thu 04-Jun-20 11:45:13

So he didn’t self isolate when he began to feel ill. Another do as say not as I do.
Is it any wonder people break the rules in confusion.

MamaCaz Thu 04-Jun-20 11:58:17

Has there been any indication that he felt unwell before arriving at the HoC, J52?
(I have been busy with other things so don't know exactly what latest reports might be saying.)

If so, then I agree with your post 100%, but if he only became ill while there, as the first repkrts suggested, I really don't see that he could have self-isolated any sooner.

lemongrove Thu 04-Jun-20 12:11:52

I agree Mamacaz
There is a time when you suddenly feel unwell, and if it came on whilst he was in the Commons then hardly his fault.
I don’t agree on the having to queue to vote ( real attendance)
It could be done well enough through technology.However it was turned down ( the amendment for voting that way) the other day by the MP’s, so their decision.
Hope that Sharma gets well soon, he seems an able minister.

MawB Thu 04-Jun-20 12:13:04

I understood that he went home to self isolate immediately too.

Orangerose Thu 04-Jun-20 12:19:58


If there was any justice in the world it would have been Rees-Mogg who caught it hmm

What a horrible comment. I wouldn’t wish this illness on anyone.

growstuff Thu 04-Jun-20 12:22:53

Johnson has overruled Rees-Mogg and said that disabled and "shielded" MPs can vote by proxy. That's something at least, although I still think it would have been better if they'd continued the system of remote voting that they had. There will still only be fifty MPs allowed in the House for debates. It's only voting which they need to attend in person, which seems bonkers.

There were some photos yesterday showing that the MPs didn't stay two metres apart while they were queuing, so hopefully there isn't a flare up, if Sharma proves to be positive. I must admit he didn't look well and hope he gets well soon.

Kalu Thu 04-Jun-20 12:27:06

I’m wondering which mode of transport he used to get home?
Hopefully not by train !!

Iam64 Thu 04-Jun-20 12:27:14

Orangerose, I didn't read Maw's post as wishing the virus on Reece Mogg. Reece-Mogg insisted on MP's being in the HoC, despite that breaching every equality act by excluding those over 70 and those with disabilities. I agree with her, if any MP was to be struck by this terrible disease, it would have seemed more appropriate if it had been the one insisting on this level of risk.
grow stuff, thanks for the update,good to read Johnson has done something positive today

Orangerose Thu 04-Jun-20 12:35:17

Iam64. You agree with her - I don’t.

Kalu Thu 04-Jun-20 12:56:27

I agree with Maw. RM’s arrogance and stupidity knows no bounds when he is willing to put anyone at risk of contracting this virus. Possibly by contracting it himself would he then get it. But somehow, I doubt it.

The fact that Boris who has experienced the severity of this illness yet was agreement with RM beggars belief!

Behaviour like this from ‘those in in charge’ must leave the NHS wondering why they bothered?