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Forming a bubble

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Grandma24 Fri 12-Jun-20 23:51:04

I have been thinking over this last week about forming my own "bubble" with my 2 sons and their children.I see a lot of people doing this and feel I have no confidence in how the government are dealing with this situation.I don't meen to babysit ,just to meet up as a family, as none of us are working but at home all day.Is anyone else doing this?I see lots of families in my street having visitors,in the rain, so obviously they aren't in the garden,I'm thinking a have to start somewhere?


BlueBelle Sat 13-Jun-20 02:25:55

I think everyone must choose their own way of meeting up, the government have got everything wrong so far with no clear guidelines or guidelines that change and it’s not a police state so think what’s best for you and your family and do that
The virus is going slowly and I m not at all sure we chose the right route, other countries either those with more rigid lockdown or those with no lock down at all seem to have come out better, so my advice is listen to the experts not the government and play it from there

GrandmaKT Sat 13-Jun-20 02:45:16

If you are single, and/or either of your sons is a single parent, then you are allowed to join together in a bubble with them.

Technically, you aren't allowed to join with both sons, but if you are all at home and have been at home throughout lockdown and both families are prepared to commit not mixing with anyone else, I'd take the Cummings amendment (using your judgement) and go for it!

vegansrock Sat 13-Jun-20 05:21:30

It’s ridiculous having to choose between your sons. Use your instincts and common sense seems to be the government’s position when it comes to themselves.

NfkDumpling Sat 13-Jun-20 07:37:37

Common sense is mentioned quite a lot when Boris does the government briefings. I think they realise that everyones situation is different. Do what you feel safe with. As vegan says, use the Cummings amendment.

Grannycantsitonthefloor Thu 18-Jun-20 16:03:14

This will make you laugh. I was asked over to my daughters to play in the garden with the children for the first time. When I got there she was still out and dad was there decorating. Also other grandma had decided to pop in unannounced !! So there we are all in the garden and other g ma is all over the children like a rash telling them and me that they are in a bubble but that I can’t be. Children look at me sadly. (My daughter hadn’t even had the discussion of bubbles) She’s laughing and cuddling and I’m like ...... ok ...... I better keep my distance. Anyway we were playing and the children said let’s go on the swing. So we did. Gd says look at me I can jump off the swing , you jump off granny!!!! I sat on the swing , it was very tight on my lockdown arse!!!! So I said that it was best not to as I might hurt myself. Bubble grandma says She will. So on she gets and I see that she fits very snug too !! She Swings and gets ready to jump off then ..... the swing gets stuck to her fat arse and she ends up on the grass with a hell of a thump !!!!
I am thinking ...... not such a good idea hey. She should have sat on her bloody bubble ????

growstuff Thu 18-Jun-20 16:36:45

Even if you live on your own and haven't been out anywhere, you are only really guaranteed not to catch anything unless the other members of your bubble have been self-isolating too.

This is all about making it easier to manage if one person in the bubble is infected. If they are, you should all self-isolate. There will be fewer random contacts to trace.

Unless you stay a safe distance from all the people in your bubble (even children), there is absolutely no guarantee that you won't be infected. Some people don't even have symptoms and those who do are infectious for days before they show symptoms.

Luckygirl Thu 18-Jun-20 16:42:16

One of the reasons that I am not "bubbling" is that it is impossible to choose between families. The other is that, since both families are out and about, I think it might represent a risk to me.

Franbern Sat 20-Jun-20 09:18:36

People must make their own risk assessments and do what they feel is right by them.

As Bluebelle has so correctly stated - it is not a police state - you will not be arrested whatever you decide and each family is different.

I can make a bubble with my daughter, SiL and four g.children (three of them in their teens) who live locally and with whom I have had contact throughout these last months in parks and garden, etc. But, I also drove to London to see my eldest daughter and teenage g.daughter last weekend AND we even had a cuddle just before I left to return home.

We have now made arrangements for a few weeks time for my two youngest daughters and their three primary school aged children to meet up in a park with myself, my 'bubble' daughter and her primary school aged son. Four children and four adults ( technically too many for such a meet-up), but it is what is right for us and for the children.