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Luckygirl Mon 22-Jun-20 11:35:23

I have been invited by several people to have tea and cake in their gardens while socially distancing. I have done lots of garden visits with my DDs, but not eaten or drunk anything from their crockery.

I will accept these invitation and enjoy them but am not sure about the eating and drinking bit.

What have others done in this scenario?

grannysyb Mon 22-Jun-20 11:42:53

Been to various friends and had tea or coffee out of their crockery, surely if they've been through a dishwasher they're ok?

MawB Mon 22-Jun-20 11:43:03

I tend to work on the basis that the dishwasher deals with any germs, but I would not touch anything they were going to eat.
It is all relative and common sense isn’t it?

Teacheranne Mon 22-Jun-20 11:43:03

Take your own mug? Or if really concerned, take your own drink and food as well.

I think some of us, myself included, are getting a bit paranoid about socialising again. I'm going to relax some of my "rituals" now the rate of new infections is going down and am considering no longer disinfecting everything that enters my house and washing food - I'm sure the pear I ate yesterday still tasted of soap! Obviously I'll wash my hands after opening a packet before touching the food. I will continue to keep my distance from people though as I think that the infection is spread mainly through breathing it in.

fiorentina51 Mon 22-Jun-20 12:18:32

I have been to tea at my son and DILS home on several occasions and also had friends visit me a couple of times recently.
I've used hosts crockery and happily eaten their food. Likewise visitors to my home have done the same.
Obviously following hand washing and cleaning guidelines.

EllanVannin Mon 22-Jun-20 12:37:26

I've always been fussy about others crockery/cutlery and food, so you can imagine what I'm like now. As for eating out---forget it.
I was like this when I was a child, growing up it didn't bother me but it's reverted back to childhood times with this virus doing its rounds.

Nobody ever seems to be as fussy and particular about things the same as yourself-----that's how I see it anyway and you can't ask guests if everything's washed properly etc grin

PinkCakes Mon 22-Jun-20 13:55:47

Go. Enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Nobody's plates, cups or cutlery is contaminated. Even IF you shared a cup, have any of your friends/family members actually had the virus? I think you're worrying unnecessarily.

Franbern Mon 22-Jun-20 15:53:00

Oh for heavens sake, how paranoid can people get. Be grateful you are getting these invites, go and enjoy them. Do you really think this virus is in their homes, on their crockery and in their food.

I have not 'washed' things coming into my home except my hands each time I return from anywhere. Fruit ovbviously is rinsed in cold water before I eat (as normal), but have not isolated, washed, disinfected other items coming to me.

Too much OCD type behavior - need to get on with living.

FarNorth Mon 22-Jun-20 16:01:55

If it's going to worry you, don't do it.
It doesn't matter if it's illogical - we all need to cope as best we can with this situation.

FarNorth Mon 22-Jun-20 16:06:50

I suggest telling your host beforehand that you'd prefer not to eat or drink anything, if that's the case.
Say it in a light-hearted way, as you maybe being a little over cautious, and surely any decent friend would accept it.

PinkCakes Mon 22-Jun-20 16:19:10

Franbern I agree entirely. There are a lot of people worrying needlessly. I work in a hospital ward (receptionist) and haven't seen a single Covid-19 case in there nor any member of staff with it.

MerylStreep Mon 22-Jun-20 16:21:30

I have a garden get together every week. Nobody brings their own cup.
Last week we had a friend join us who hadn't left her house for 12 weeks. She didn't bring her own cup but she did bring a beautiful cake. She was on cloud nine.

sodapop Mon 22-Jun-20 18:20:54

I've been out a few times now Luckygirl and eaten out. It's all a bit strange but socialising will cheer you up I'm sure. If everyone is sensible about hand washing etc its fine.
Go for it and enjoy.

PamelaJ1 Mon 22-Jun-20 20:50:27

It does seem that the government have achieved something. They have scared half the country to death.
I had family for lunch the other week. All crockery and cutlery were washed in the dishwasher before they arrived.
We all knew that we had been adhering to ‘the rules’, I washed my hands, we socially distanced. We have to live our lives and enjoy it.

I think that some of us will be too frightened to enjoy themselves for a long time to come. That’s a shame.

TheFrugalPiggy Mon 22-Jun-20 21:05:23

You should definitely go and don't worry about crockery, cutlery etc. I wouldn't hesitate.

suziewoozie Mon 22-Jun-20 21:22:08

If you’re going to worry, you’re going to worry. I’d just tell you’re friends that you’re still being very cautious but would love to see them and that you’ll bring your own flask and whatever. I’m still being pretty careful but have friends still being even more so, I don’t mock them or tell them to get over it - we all owe each respect over the degree of caution we each choose to practice.

FarNorth Mon 22-Jun-20 21:29:42

Exactly, suziewoozie.

CanadianGran Mon 22-Jun-20 21:52:49

I agree with Suziwoozie as well. If you are still worried, bring your own small picnic. We are all trying to cope the best we can. and some are relaxing rules faster than others.

We had an outdoor gathering with the book group; we all brought our own drink, snack and chair. It was lovely to see everyone again and what a chatty group of hens we were!

BlueSky Mon 22-Jun-20 22:11:42

Exactly EllanVannin I've always been particular about other people's food and crockery, don't really enjoy eating out for same reasons, so this virus on top is the final nail in the coffin. Probably being too fussy but that's how I am and as others have said one size doesn't fit all. So Luckygirl just do what you are comfortable with otherwise you won't enjoy it and will worry about it before and after!

Luckygirl Mon 22-Jun-20 22:19:55

Thank you for all you helpful replies.

I am trying to be very careful within the limits of also staying sane, as I am newly living on my own, and if I became ill I know that my DDs would want to look after me - and I would not want them putting themselves at risk. They have been through enough this year.

I went to my friends and enjoyed a walk round their stunning garden - and had a drink of water. He is a doctor so I knew he would have observed proper hand hygene.

I have also been asked to a garden visit with two other friends tomorrow and Thursday - what a mad social whirl!