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List of high risk Coronavirus areas

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Daftbag1 Sun 12-Jul-20 18:55:18

We live in one of the top 10 Coronavirus areas. What I don't understand though, is if the Government has highlighted these areas, why don't they actually do something?

Surely, rather than wait for high numbers of people to be infected, with the potential for saturation of our health service provision, and the prospect of unnecessary deaths, it would make more sense to immediately impose a short period of complete lock down to hopefully stop the high risk whilst it's still a risk as opposed to a full blown mini pandemic?

ladymuck Sun 12-Jul-20 19:05:10

Surely it's too late to do something if it's been declared high-risk?
The way people are behaving, it's hardly surprising this is happening.

AllotmentLil Sun 12-Jul-20 20:52:23

It’s happened because this government faffs around, gives contradictory “guidance” then leaves it up to people to do what they like. angry

growstuff Sun 12-Jul-20 22:25:39

I agree with you 100% allotmentlil. If the public won't do what's needed, and unfortunately some won't or don't understand, the government needs to enforce action.

If that means reintroducing lockdown - and enforcing it strictly - so be it.

Nobody needs to be Einstein to understand that the virus needs a host. Cut the bridges between hosts and it can't spread. It's never too late.