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Face masks compulsory

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Beau1958 Tue 14-Jul-20 08:15:06

At last !! Why didn’t they make this compulsory ages ago. Only a handful of people are wearing them I think people feel a bit silly in them maybe or just don’t like them. I personally have always worn one. I don’t want to breath in any nasty germs ! A tip I heard with glasses dip them in warm soapy water let them dry naturally then they won’t must up, good tip.

Beau1958 Tue 14-Jul-20 08:17:02

Mist sorry not must 🙄

Lucca Tue 14-Jul-20 08:17:39

It’s not compulsory yet...still a week or two delay. And there is already a thread on this by the way !,!

BlueSky Tue 14-Jul-20 09:18:14

I' ve always felt strongly about mask wearing seeing the example abroad. It should give people more confidence to enter a shop as well as being safer for other shoppers and staff. Wish it had been made mandatory earlier but better late than never!

Beau1958 Tue 14-Jul-20 10:34:32

Lucca I was not aware there was another similar post on here, I was only voicing my opinion as we all do on here. No need for comment or the exclamation marks.

Lucca Tue 14-Jul-20 11:15:34


Lucca I was not aware there was another similar post on here, I was only voicing my opinion as we all do on here. No need for comment or the exclamation marks.

I was not being rude, just letting you know in case you hadn’t seen the other thread. Second exclamation mark was a mis-type.

BlueSky Tue 14-Jul-20 12:50:25

Don't worry the more we talk about this the better! 😷

GrannyLaine Tue 14-Jul-20 13:28:09

Slightly illogical to open pubs - no mask required - then to make mask wearing compulsory in shops. As Mr L drily observed, a bonus for shoplifters!

MayBee70 Tue 14-Jul-20 14:00:40

Why illogical? There are strict rules of behaviour in pubs which hopefully people adhere to. From what I’ve heard people are ignoring government guidelines in shops. It also means that items we pick up and buy are less likely to be contaminated by virus droplets that can remain on surfaces for a long time. There isn’t a one rule fits all solution for controlling this virus. Also we can choose whether we want to risk our health by going to a pub, but most people have to go shopping. I’m sure there are lots of people like me that wouldn’t even have considered going shopping until face masks had been made mandatory.

boodymum67 Tue 14-Jul-20 14:38:32

about blooming time!

Nansnet Wed 15-Jul-20 07:41:48

Better late than never. I can't understand why some people are so against it, when it's blatantly obvious, looking at the statistics of countries who have been donning masks since all this began, that it does help!

yggdrasil Wed 15-Jul-20 08:03:43

I have been listening to local radio this morning, and more than one person has claimed wearing a mask convenes their human rights. They weren't asked how that was supposed to work, what human right they had to (possible) breathe virus over other people.

BlueBelle Wed 15-Jul-20 08:29:37

*It will be compulsory to wear a face covering in shops in England from Friday 24 July.
However, the rules won't apply to shop workers, government minister George Eustice told the BBC*

Who s going to explain this one to me I work in a charity shop and have been told after 24th it’s up to us if we do or don’t .

Calendargirl Wed 15-Jul-20 08:42:29

I agree BlueBelle, seems illogical to me also.

Rejigger Sat 18-Jul-20 04:30:06

Some states in the US are mandatory and some are not, it is so divided that pandemic is out of control.

Macgran43 Sun 19-Jul-20 11:11:41

Everyone in Scotland is wearing facemarks now in the shops. I have bought 2 online and can recommend this company website.