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covid tier 2, My home or thiers?

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grandma22a Fri 23-Oct-20 08:58:39

I cannot seem to find any clear Tier 2 covid rules about Grandparents looking after Grandchildren at home. Can my husband and I both look after them in OUR home- or do I have to look after them in my grandchildren's own home by myself!?

vampirequeen Sat 24-Oct-20 09:03:56

I think they can come to your home but tbh I'm not sure. Sorry I can't be any more help.

BlueBelle Sat 24-Oct-20 09:12:21

If the rules are so vague that you can’t interpreted them then do which ever feels right and comfortable for you

DanniRae Sat 24-Oct-20 09:14:58

My baby grandson is coming to our house to be cared for while his mum is at work. We do it like this because it suits us and I can't see any difference to be honest.

JenniferEccles Sat 24-Oct-20 09:52:12

Childcare is exempt from the rules regardless of which tier we are in, although probably those in tier 3 would be encouraged not to travel in or out of the area for their childcare arrangements.

It makes perfect sense that people can continue to work to keep the country running, without having to worry about childcare.