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Care home visits?

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Chrisks Sun 01-Nov-20 12:10:55

My Mother in Law has been in isolation in a care home since her last hospital visit. This finishes on Thursday and my husband was due to visit her on that day. I’m so worried that this now won’t take place. He has enquired at the home today but they don’t know yet what is happening. I’m just wondering if any members here know about any new rules regarding care home visits?

Oopsadaisy4 Sun 01-Nov-20 18:57:52

I think that the rules will all be explained to us, possibly on Monday? Our local Garden Centre say that they are hoping to get clarification on Monday.

I think the news was rushed out because it was leaked to the papers, finer details to follow I hope,

Hetty58 Sun 01-Nov-20 19:03:45

I think that garden centres will still be open. Care homes (in addition to the regulations) are free to decide what level of visiting they will allow. Always check before you go, as it'll be subject to change.

NotAGran55 Sun 01-Nov-20 19:56:17

10. Visiting relatives in care homes
Guidance on care home visits will be published ahead of Thursday. For now, you should follow existing guidance.