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There is hope! We are thinking of you.

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narelle222 Wed 04-Nov-20 10:42:16

This is a message from Australia to all who are in 'lockdown'. We think of you and discuss your lockdown in the supermarket, by phone, and with those we meet. We understand what you are experiencing - we have just come out of 8 weeks lockdown where we could not do more than 'take a day at a time'. Many did not agree with our Government's decisions but their strategies worked. We can now hug our grandchildren, have coffee with friends or just simply leave the house. Please 'hang in there' as best you can - its tough I know, its heart braking -I know, and as an aged person I feel I have lost time in my life. I know nothing I say will help you cope but please hang in there and take one day at a time. Everyone I speak too understands and wish you well.

Sunlover Wed 04-Nov-20 10:52:11

Thanks for your reassuring words. Let’s hope here in the UK we can be in a similar position in the not too distant future. Fingers crossed. One day at a time.

Oldbutstilluseful Wed 04-Nov-20 10:56:43

Your message means a lot, thank you Narelle222

rockgran Wed 04-Nov-20 10:57:15

Thank you - we need to hear some success stories. Well done.

Callistemon Wed 04-Nov-20 10:57:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Callistemon Wed 04-Nov-20 10:58:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Namsnanny Wed 04-Nov-20 10:59:47

Thankyou narelle222 for wishing everyone well! smile
I'm very glad your doing better.

glammanana Wed 04-Nov-20 11:05:24

narelle22 Thanks so much for your kind thoughts sending you best

FannyCornforth Wed 04-Nov-20 11:08:36

Thank you Narelle
What a kind and thoughtful person you are x flowers

travelsafar Wed 04-Nov-20 11:11:14

How lovely, thank you .

MawB2 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:13:46

Many did not agree with our Government's decisions but their strategies worked. We can now hug our grandchildren, have coffee with friends or just simply leave the house
Thank younarelle222 - much appreciated. I think the sentences I have quoted are so important and we need to remind ourselves that there is a very real point to it all.

Doodle Wed 04-Nov-20 11:15:30

So kind of you. Thank you.?

Mapleleaf Wed 04-Nov-20 11:24:06

Thank you for posting, narelle222. I’m so glad to hear that your governments strategies appear to have worked, and I hope it will be the same here after this second lockdown. I must confess to doubts though, because this lockdown does not seem to be as restrictive as the first one and I wonder if this could mean less success, but sincerely hope I’m wrong. It’s a fine balance for any government, trying to safeguard the population, but at the same time safeguard the economy. Not at all easy, and that, in part, might be why this lockdown is not quite as severe. We have to hope for the best and pray that people adhere to the rules - so many seem to think they are for everyone but themselves.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:44:41

Totally agree Mapleleaf about people following rules. I've just posted the same on another thread like this.

There are some in the UK who ignorant to what is happening in the hospitals.

There are some who will always have an excuse. I live in a low risk county and am so angry at the attitude of some here that think the lockdown shouldn't include this county.

hondagirl Thu 05-Nov-20 00:15:34

What a lovely message 222. Can I second that. I am also in Australia in Queensland and have been thankful for all the measures that have been taken to keep us safe. I have family in the UK and really feel for them. It's hard for them when I say I am going out for a walk and then coffee at a cafe with a friend. But hang in there. The lockdown must surely help to stem the spread of this awful virus. On the bright side there seems to be positive news re vaccines so it won't be long hopefully till it's business as usual.

maddyone Thu 05-Nov-20 00:31:20

Thank you narelle and hondagirl for your thoughtful and encouraging posts. It’s very much appreciated.