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This interests me more than the vaccine

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BlueBelle Fri 13-Nov-20 06:21:40

I don’t think many will agree with me because it’s not so miraculous, not so dramatic, but I think more money should go into looking for ways of treating COVID, simply because at the moment it looks as if there are many variables in the vaccines... keeping them at certain temperatures, does its use last a week, a month, a year, will it work with mutations, is it safe for everyone, is it expensive, is there enough, has it become a money making competition and many more questions
I have always felt the way forward is to look for ways of reducing its seriousness whilst the vaccine work can go on unrushed in the background

*COVID-19: New protein treatment 'reduces odds of developing severe' coronavirus
The drug, developed in Southampton, contains interferon beta-1a - a protein naturally produced by the body to fight viruses* .

Marydoll Fri 13-Nov-20 06:42:52

*Bluebelle", I am on a drug called Tocilizumab for RA, which I inject weekly. It has similar properties to the one you described and has been found to be beneficial in some cases of severe Covid in ICU patients, but not those with Covid pneumonia.

Unfortunately the cost is prohibitive, my 4 injections cost nearly £1000 per month. To access the drug for RA, you have to fulfil certain criteria.

Therein lies the problem, it needs to be cheaper to manufacture and accessible to all who need it.
So what I am saying is, I'm with you on this one!

Ashcombe Fri 13-Nov-20 06:45:24

I agree with you, BlueBelle and I believe there is room for both and it would appear that scientists are working on treatments for Covid alongside the development of a vaccine.
For several months I have been participating in a research project (Covidence UK Study) undertaken jointly by various erudite institutions (Queen Mary's, Kings College, Barts, etc). Every month I complete a survey about my activities, health, medication, natural remedies, diet, mental health and lifestyle. In August, I was asked to take a Covid test at home which proved negative.
The researchers seem particularly interested in the fact that I routinely take a Calcium and Vit D supplement (to support bone density after hip replacements) and I know that a low level of Vit D is implicated in some Covid victims.

BlueBelle Fri 13-Nov-20 06:56:25

Marydoll I have a friend also having this for auto immune illness and I realise how expensive it is but maybe if more money was put into this research the price could come down

ashcombe I agree about both I m not knocking the vaccine just think it’s so soon with so many unknowns and it’s been dangled like a carrot that everyone is so desperate for

I know nothing it’s just a feeling in my heart

Marydoll Fri 13-Nov-20 07:05:29

* Bluebelle*, it seems this drug takes longer than usual to manufacture, as its quite complex. Hence the cost.

Galaxy Fri 13-Nov-20 07:38:14

I hope thev

sodapop Fri 13-Nov-20 08:36:04

I agree BlueBelle and I think many hospitals have found better and more efficient ways of treating patients with severe symptoms.

Good to hear research is being done Ashcombe there are probably other programs ongoing as well.

Iam64 Fri 13-Nov-20 08:57:55

Marydoll (and BlueBelle) the meds I have been prescribed for RA over the last 8 years cost about £1000 a month, probably in the same biologic category as Marydolls.

I had a couple of grim years before being sick enough to tick the boxes and qualify for the gold standard treatment. The expense has to be set against the fact the disease is modified and I can use my hands and walk, my joints are no longer deteriorating speedily. Hopefully I'll cost the NHS less and contribute more as a result.

The patent on my drug has ended and I'm being moved onto one of the much cheaper replacements in consequence. My drug isn't the one being used effectively with covid patients but like BlueBelle, I find that research very positive.

Alegrias2 Fri 13-Nov-20 09:32:29

There is a lot of research going on into treatments for Covid, as well as the research into vaccines. A quick Google search found this EU site, I'm sure there are many other research projects going on into treatments.

It was pretty miraculous when it was discovered that Dexamethasone was so effective for people with the most serious illness.

Nobody will be surprised to read that I believe we need to get past this idea that because vaccines are being developed quickly, they are being rushed. There are not "many variables in the vaccines", we have had one early set of results that are significantly better than anyone could have hoped for. I'm not going to post my views on this again because I've done it twice before, and people are probably sick of it now, but I'm still celebrating.... smile

BlueSky Fri 13-Nov-20 12:16:26

Agree BlueBelle!