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Tier 2 Profiteering

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Mary62 Wed 09-Dec-20 09:02:53

We live in tier 3 area so all pubs and bars are closed except for takeaway. An article in our local news showed a landlord in a neighbouring Tier 2 pub saying how well he is doing, in fact £15k up on the same week last year. He's welcoming customers from Tier 3 area. This pub used to be one of our favourites pre covid but we certainly won't be supporting them in future. I think their comments and behaviour are disgraceful.
In contrast another local eatery also in Tier 2 has remain closed in the interest of everyones safety, they feared that people from neighbouring Tier 3 area would flock to their place if it was open. They will have our custom and support in future.

fourormore Wed 09-Dec-20 10:42:50

The problem is that it's not illegal for these people to cash in. While the restrictions are 'guidance' or 'advised' they will be flouted as it is only 'not advised' to visit a higher tier.
Cornwall is actively encouraging visitors (understandable to help their economy) but those same visitors travel from higher tiers and if they have 'comfort breaks' en route can be bringing anything in.
Sadly I fear a third wave as the sense of a 5 day free for all escapes me. Idiots will break the guidance anyway so why give everyone a free for all!
Like you we intend to support those who behaved and used common sense!

JenniferEccles Wed 09-Dec-20 12:07:39

The pub landlord is just trying to run a business isn’t he, like any other establishment near the border with a higher tier.

We are out of lockdown but unfortunately lots of businesses won’t survive the shortened pre-Christmas season this year.

You can’t blame people for trying to safeguard their livelihoods.

MrsThreadgoode Wed 09-Dec-20 12:14:31

Blame the irresponsible people not the Landlord, if they are in tier 3 they shouldn’t be travelling to a different tier . The rules say that if you travel to a lower tier you must behave and act as thought you are still in ‘your ‘ tier.

Why would the Landlord want to get into a fight ( not always just verbal) with someone who wants to eat ?

The reason the virus is rampant in some places is due to the behaviour of people who don’t believe the rules apply to them.
Someone we know is the same and he is definitely off of our friends list, the irony is that he has never had a days illness in his life and thinks it’s all a load of tosh, makes me so angry I can’t even speak to him anymore.

Daisymae Wed 09-Dec-20 13:50:54

If they are allowed to open they can hardly police the areas where customers are living. I would imagine that they are having to try to make up for lost takings earlier in the year. The fault is surely people who are travelling out of Tier 3? Maybe the fines are not sufficient to deter??