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travelsafar Sat 12-Dec-20 09:00:35

Even after having the vaccine i will still wear a mask when out and about, i will try to maintain SD rules in shops etc and wash or sanitise hands frequently. It has become a way of life to me now and it makes me feel safer. So many people are saying they are not sure of having the vaccine for various reasons i think it will be safer for everyone if we still observe the rule. I will be there as soon as my name is called to have it done.

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 09:05:14

As far as I understand it, you have to carry on with the social distancing etc, as having the vaccine could make you infectious to others. On the news the other night, we were told nothing is likely to change in that area until next Spring, and not even then if enough people haven’t been vaccinated.

Juliet27 Sat 12-Dec-20 09:07:56

Yes, the vaccine is only the start of the means to an end.

Daisymae Sat 12-Dec-20 09:09:00

Yes, they don't know whether you will transmit the virus even after vaccination so no change at the moment.

Alegrias2 Sat 12-Dec-20 10:00:49

I agree with most of the comments here, but I would like to say to Discodancer1975 that they vaccine does not make you infectious to others. It might just not prevent you from passing it to others if you catch it.

I'm sure you were quite aware of that but everyone has to be so careful in this anti-vaxxer climate that things are not misunderstood.

J52 Sat 12-Dec-20 11:06:16

I have antibodies ( test confirmed) but I am still abiding by all the rules. No one knows how long they last, whether natural or vaccine generated. Also, no one knows if a person can still carry the virus and pass it on.
It’s better to err on the safe side.

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 13:25:45

Yes Alegrias, I said the vaccine’ could make you infectious to others’, not ‘ would’.

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 13:27:46

Obviously, if you still catch covid, after being vaccinated, then of course you can still pass it on, the same as if you hadn’t been vaccinated.

Alegrias2 Sat 12-Dec-20 13:30:58

The vaccine could not make you infectious to others.

You may still be infectious after you have had the vaccine, but it was not the vaccine that made you so. Your second post says that, I understand. But people will pick up on the slightest inaccuracy to feed their anti-vax attitudes and we have to be careful what we say.

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 14:33:39

Well actually, I misunderstood what I heard on the news. My husband didn’t, and is saying what you mean I think. I took it to mean that having the vaccine could still make you infectious to others, even if you don’t catch it yourself. It did confuse me, because it’s not a live vaccine. I don’t see why any of this would put people off having the vaccine though. You’d either benefit, by not catching covid, or be back where you started, being as susceptible. It wouldn’t make anything worse for those vaccinated.

Alegrias2 Sat 12-Dec-20 14:46:15

I think its the wording "The vaccine will make you infectious" that's bothering me DiscoDancer1975.

The vaccine itself definitely does not make you infectious. I don't know what was said on the news but that is definitely not the case.

If people think that the vaccine has some property that makes them infectious, it could put people off taking it as they will think they are then more likely to pass the virus on to somebody else.

If you are unlucky enough to catch the virus after vaccination, you will probably not be as ill but you could still be infectious, but it wasn't the vaccine that made you infectious.

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 15:35:38

I will remove the wording?, and rewrite. My understanding is, having the vaccine, although hopefully giving you immunity, may not. In this case, vaccinated people who are unlucky enough to still contract covid, may pass this on to others, in the same way they would have, if they had not been vaccinated. Being vaccinated on its own, does NOT give anyone else covid.

Alegrias2 Sat 12-Dec-20 15:37:38

I think we agree DiscoDancer1975. I don't think there is any need to remove the wording, we had a civilised conversation about it. smile

DiscoDancer1975 Sat 12-Dec-20 15:59:46

Thank you Alegrias. I think sometimes it is in the wording. I’ve always found it hard to articulate in writing, much easier to talk! Then that can attract negative comments. At least we kept on topic, and didn’t stray. Keep safe?

Alegrias2 Sat 12-Dec-20 16:08:41