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Moving between tiers.

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Georgesgran Sun 27-Dec-20 14:56:44

I’m interested to find out if anyone actually knows anyone who has been fined for moving between tiers? A friend (she thinks she knows it all) reckons the Police are using ANPR to issue fines by post. I can’t see how that works - some essential workers must travel?
A wealthy friend of ours has travelled from the NE down to stay with his son and family in Surrey - he says he will pay any fine, rather than be forced to spend Christmas alone.

timetogo2016 Mon 28-Dec-20 13:47:21

I know of a few people who have been fined as they were caught having a lock in together in a local football clubhouse.
The police had to break in to get to them.
And they deserve it too.

Urmstongran Mon 28-Dec-20 14:03:48

A friend of mine who lives in N Wales said her neighbour has friends staying over ‘for Christmas’. (several nights) One arrived from Newcastle. One from London. They are in the age 60 bracket. Beggars belief!

I said wasn’t Mark Drakeford (?) at the border with a pitchfork? I thought Wales was in total lockdown.

Jaxjacky Mon 28-Dec-20 14:39:21

I know a few who should be, but unless every car is stopped and checked, how?

PaperMonster Tue 29-Dec-20 19:30:10

It’s not illegal to move between tiers, it’s just advised against. Not sure about the Tier 4 rules though - although I expect I’ll need to know them by the end of this week. We’re Tier 3 living on the border with Tier 2. Until last week we had significantly fewer cases than our local town in Tier 2 (we’re about the same now). We shop in that local town, so cross tiers regularly. My OH sometimes works there too.