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New variant now in Canada

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CanadianGran Mon 28-Dec-20 01:31:59

"A couple found infected in Ontario, Canada, had no known travel history or high-risk contacts, officials say." This from BBC and repeated by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) one day ago.

And then today:
"Since the initial reporting of the first two cases of the variant on Dec. 26, 2020, additional investigation and follow-up case and contact management has revealed that the couple had indeed been in contact with a recent traveller from the U.K., which is new information not provided in earlier interviews. The cases and contacts have been informed and are now in self-isolation as per public health protocols," the statement said.

So to me this means someone is not isolating properly after returning to Canada from overseas, and the original couple is most likely being dishonest about their contacts. Canada has closed its borders to flights, but obviously too late to let the new strain of the virus in.

It's just so frustrating that someone would travel and then not self isolate like they should. This will now spread like wildfire since most will be contagious before they show symptoms.

Llamedos13 Mon 28-Dec-20 03:27:32

I suspect this new virus has been here longer than anyone knows judging by how high the numbers are here now. In my small town in Southern Ontario we had no cases three weeks ago and now the numbers are rising by over 30 a day.

rosecarmel Mon 28-Dec-20 03:29:27

I have to assume it's in the US too- It seems adding insult to injury is the new normal- Sad-

rosecarmel Mon 28-Dec-20 03:30:35

The U.S. is now 1 death per 1000-