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Nasal sprays - Covid prevention?

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Dinahmo Mon 04-Jan-21 19:40:37

The other day my OH remembered that we had a bottle of Boots version of "First Defence" which we bought to use on flights as a prevention against the various germs and viruses floating around in the unhealthy atmosphere on planes. He looked on the internet and apparently research is being carried out to see if these products might help prevent covid. It's sell by date was 2015 so a bit too old to use.

He had a clinic appointment in December which he postponed because of covid. He's decided to go to the next appointment (next week) and bought a similar nasal spray.
this one is to be used 3 or 4 times per day for up to 10 days so he is going to start it 2 days before his appointment and continue for a couple of days after.

It may be a little far fetched, but these things are meant to prevent catching viruses so maybe it might work. Obviously I am just thinking short term but if someone has a doctor's appointment, or something equally important, a few squirts up the nose could be added to masks, had washing etc etc.

lemongrove Mon 04-Jan-21 19:43:42

It can’t hurt as a potential extra bit of defence, can it?
I use a nasal spray for allergies on a fairly regular basis, just a saline one though.

Marydoll Mon 04-Jan-21 19:48:12

Dinahmo, without meaning to be rude, I was about to dismiss this as nonsense, until I decided to look into it further.

I came across this, so it may be another tool in helping to fight Covid.

lemsip Mon 04-Jan-21 20:10:25

I use 'sterimar' saline nasal spray, I also regularly gargle with salt water, salt being saline of course

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 20:19:33

Eucalyptus oil is used for viruses.

EllanVannin Mon 04-Jan-21 20:21:31

I always have Olbas oil in the cupboard----which contains eucalyptus and a dab on the mask isn't a bad idea.

Dinahmo Mon 04-Jan-21 22:31:27

Marydoll The Boots' research is what my OH found but also some going on in Australia.

If you think about the numbers of people catching covid and the numbers of deaths, they can't all have got the virus by behaving recklessly. I expect that many of them will have been shielding and gone out once and got it.

The Cochrane study is based upon covid patients being treated with nasal sprays and mouthwashes. I would have thought that at that point it would be too late. But as an extra precaution these medications could prove to be helpful.

Hetty58 Mon 04-Jan-21 22:40:48

Both would have the potential to reduce the number of virus cells inhaled and retained, before they can do damage.

Blowing your nose or gargling with water would do the same.

Neither would prevent infection completely, though.

I've developed the habit of holding my breath if anyone looks like passing by a bit too close, too!

Marydoll Mon 04-Jan-21 22:41:53

Dinahamo, thanks for posting this. As a shielder, I will be following this very closely.

Juliet27 Mon 04-Jan-21 22:50:10

I've developed the habit of holding my breath if anyone looks like passing by a bit too close, too!

Same here, especially if it's a runner huffing past. Wish they wore masks. I tend to stand away from them and it really annoys me if they say thank you as though I'm doing them a favour and only thinking of their welfare. I suppose though, that I'd be even more annoyed if they didn't thank me!

bikergran Tue 05-Jan-21 10:32:04

Nasel sprays may be the way forward, children have the flu vaccine up their nose.

TerriBull Tue 05-Jan-21 11:12:12

Apropos of this thread, I bought a nasal spray this morning. Other than that I have been using mouthwash, take Vitamin D, which I was advised to take by my GP a couple of years ago. Oh and bought some dark chocolate too which some scientists have mooted "may" be a defence against Covid.

Hetty58 Tue 05-Jan-21 11:17:18

TerriBull, Thanks! - another reason/excuse for my chocolate consumption. I can always do with more (and wondering if the mug of salted caramel hot chocolate, I have here right now, counts).

TerriBull Tue 05-Jan-21 11:50:11

I think Hetty, your mug of salted caramel hot chocolate may not count sad invariably dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids would be the type to be recommended for all manner of health benefits. I find it overly bitter, a couple of squares is enough. I'd rather have some bog standard rubbish like Cadburys, probably just as well I don't have it often as I always end up eating the whole lot!

Dinahmo Tue 05-Jan-21 11:57:50

Terribull Whenever I get given box of chocolates I will eat them all during a day or so. That's why we have high percentage - Lindt - in our fridge. One square each with our coffee after lunch and dinner and that's usually enough. You do get used to the taste.

In all seriousness - Vitamin D is a good preventative against colds etc. I used to get severe bronchitis at least twice a year which meant having 2 courses of antibiotics each time. Two years ago a client suggested I took Vitamin D and I haven't even had a cold since. I think that Vitamin D is being used to treat covid patients in hospitals now.

lemsip Tue 05-Jan-21 12:27:42

selenium is what I have taken for years along with Vits d , c, Garlic capsules odourless of course, Occasion sea kelp!
I have read that selenium is very good to take at the moment