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Martin Kenyon and 'the bloody bug' (feel good story)

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GagaJo Tue 05-Jan-21 16:25:16

When Martin Kenyon went to receive his first coronavirus vaccination, his pithy responses after being accosted by a TV crew outside Guy’s hospital in London secured him “national treasure” status.

He’d had trouble parking, and had consumed a “nasty lunch” before getting the jab after cold-calling Guy’s and asking for it, he told the CNN crew who fortuitously bumped into him immediately afterwards. And he was hoping, he said, that he was “not going to have the bloody bug now”.

Now Kenyon, a sprightly 91-year-old, who found internet fame after his interview went viral, is one of the few who have received their second jab.

“I went back to Guy’s, and, well, it’s become quite a machine there,” said Kenyon, an Old Etonian and Oxford man who was very active in the anti-apartheid movement, and was friends with Desmond Tutu, and personally met Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

“When I went to get the first one, I was the only person there, I think. There was one man there, with a pencil and some paper and writing down a few names. This time it was very different. Very efficient.”