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Worried that I may catch the virus

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Shez1955 Wed 13-Jan-21 18:36:39

I’m 65 not the fittest but am getting worried about catching it especially as our hospitals seem overwhelmed.

I look after my GD 2 days a week whilst DD works in a pre school and 5 YRO GD attends school whilst DD working. Today DD mentions some of the kids parents have caught it. SIL also works in a shop although I feel he’s more protected. I also have to shop weekly.

I’m worried about talking to DD as not likely to find alternative childcare.

Dear Grans what are your thoughts on this?

tanith Wed 13-Jan-21 18:52:58

I know it’s hard but you need to have that conversation with your daughter I don’t think you should be doing it. If you caught it and the worst happened they’d have to manage then without you. Can you not do shopping online? Even click and collect is better than going to the shops.

Soupy Wed 13-Jan-21 18:59:33

I feel you should stop doing childcare for now.
Can your daughter take GD into pre school with her or is the child too young?

Scentia Wed 13-Jan-21 19:00:32

I know how you feel, I too am worried about catching it as We have our pregnant DD and DGS in a bubble. I do think though that the risk is worth it to make sure my DD is coping ok whilst her DH is offshore. She has ADHD snd would not cope alone. I try to be very very careful and so does DD and DH do we are minimising our risk.

Shez1955 Wed 13-Jan-21 19:09:26

Thank you for your sensible responses. I guess I knew the answer before I posted but fearful of my DDs reaction. We have been estranged in the past and now it’s a great relationship. Youngest GD is to young for pre school.

Scentia completely understand your bubble and at least you try to minimise the risk.

Will look at click and collect.