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Receiving notification for appointment for vaccine - twice!!

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Franbern Fri 22-Jan-21 08:34:28

I am just a few weeks short of falling into the over=-80's category, but with COPD etc. I was waiting with increasing impatience to hear when I would get my first dose of the vaccine.

Now feel it is like buses!!! On Wednesday finally received a letter from NHS telling me to book on line or phone, giving me my reference number. However, only choice for places to have these were quite a distance away from the town in which I live. But, I booked for eight days time - 25 miles a way!!

Then yesterday received notification on my phone from my GP practice informing me that I needed to pick the time of an appointment for vaccine, locally - for this coming Saturday.

I am delighted that I am now going to get this first jab - and will, of course, cancel the other appointment - but do wonder if Left hand......etc.!!!!

BigBertha1 Fri 22-Jan-21 08:38:17

I think this is because they said you could have a choice of either centre depending on your convenience and speed of getting the vaccination done as quickly as possible. we were ready to take DH to the Manchester centre (30 miles) during the night if it meant he was done quickly but luckily he can have it here at the community centre on Saturday. Good Luck with yours it must be a relief to get it done.

rosie1959 Fri 22-Jan-21 08:42:56

Our local GP services put a message about this on facebook . The NHS booking services is sending out
letters to enable people to book at one of the National Vaccination Centre. This may be further from your home. If you wish to attend the local surgery wait for a call from them.

NfkDumpling Fri 22-Jan-21 08:43:54

The same has happened to my DH. A new central hub opened in Norwich this week and he was given an appointment for this coming Sunday. The local GP only started vaccinating a week ago - the East of England having been rather forgotten so we hadn't expected to here from them - but yesterday we got a phone call inviting both of us in today!!!!!

So he cancelled the main hub one as its half an hour's drive away. I think they're using belt and braces method! I will say if anyone else has the same 'problem', cancelling the centre one by phone is the best way to go. I couldn't find how to do it on line, but the phone was answered quite quickly by a lovely bloke and efficiently dealt with.