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I could weep with frustration.

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Spidergran3 Sun 24-Jan-21 13:31:12

At the moment the only time we go out is for exercise and to collect milk from a local farm. We live in one of four cottages in a rural area so it’s hard not to be aware of what’s going on around you. Yesterday I came back from a milk run at the same time one of our Lockdown Sceptic-Covid Hoax neighbours arrived home with a friend for a sleepover. They are continually having visitors. Meanwhile my second grandson is three on Monday and I can’t see him. My daughter is a senior nurse in ICU and I haven’t seen her or my granddaughter since September. I am so upset about it all - why oh why are people so selfish. I don’t deny anyone their opinions but when they impact on the rest of us...
I know there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s happening all over the country. How many more of you are experiencing the same kind of situation, and how do you deal with it? This used to be a lovely little community here but I fear that Covid has broken us.

Redhead56 Sun 24-Jan-21 14:20:08

Spidergran3 I am sorry you feel so down it’s so frustrating seeing other people ignore lockdown. One of our neighbours had lots of visitors around last week

I was watching on the internet crowds of people queuing at Heathrow last night. I don’t understand why the government are allowing this to happen. There wasn’t really social distancing it infuriated me.

Like many I can’t see my family and it really upsets me. We all WhatsApp but I get upset when the conversation ends. I agree it does make you wonder how communities will be after this. Try to keep occupied as much as possible to pass the time and take care of yourself.

ginny Sun 24-Jan-21 14:37:55

You are not alone in feeling this way. I’ve had a very wobbly week. I’ve stopped reading listening to or watching the news. I just can’t cope with all the negativity and contradiction.
I know there are many people far worse of than me and my heart goes out to them. However, I can only feel what I feel and deal with what I have to deal with.
Chin up and try to find something to smile about each day.

Parsley3 Sun 24-Jan-21 14:48:24

I do sympathise and I could have written ginny’s post myself as I am feeling enough is enough of negativity. However, if your neighbour wants to play Russian Roulette, then so be it. They will probably get away with it too. Grrr...
You are doing the right thing, Spidergran and so am I and the majority of us. There is an end to this, even if we can’t see it at the moment.

MissChateline Sun 24-Jan-21 15:28:25

I read this the other day and it struck a chord with me.

The stress of seeing other people enjoy a crumb more life than us becomes unbearable, and we lash out by weaponising morality.

M0nica Sun 24-Jan-21 15:30:44

MissChateline absolutely, and there is so much of it.

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:47:44

It can be very frustrating seeing people break Covid rules but I just think there is nothing I can do. I can't change other people but I can abide by the rules and keep myself safe.

Unigran4 Sun 24-Jan-21 16:16:24

My 4 DC range from 16 to 22 so completely understand the situation and will not come near me to protect me. When allowed we have had garden visits - but I SO miss their hugs when they leave.

However, both families live next door to a Covid-sceptic, one of whom taunts 2 of my DGC over the back fence, telling them that they are "chicken" or "sheep" for running scared of the virus.

This was done by talking "at" them from their garden and, when my SiL asked them to stop, he was told that the DGC were very rude and ill brought up and should not have been listening in. It makes me angry.angry

maddyone Sun 24-Jan-21 16:29:35

Since it’s illegal to go on holiday at the moment, I’m very puzzled by the crowded scenes at the airports too Redhead.

sodapop Sun 24-Jan-21 19:55:11

I wondered about that as well maddyone

BlueSky Sun 24-Jan-21 20:13:08

There are a lot of hidden rule breaking too, mainly people meeting up, as well as the obvious ones of people out and about.

dogsmother Sun 24-Jan-21 20:21:26

Great big fat cyber hugs ?
It’s just horrible and frustrating for all when everyone doesn’t adhere to the rules.
Hopefully this will one day be a better place and coronavirus a bad memory.

beverly10 Sun 24-Jan-21 20:38:03

The persons you refer to are the 'disbeleivers' amongst us. Either from ignorance or refusing to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and that if they ignore it will go away.Keep yourself and loved ones safe is all you can do .

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 20:50:44

Spidergran3 it’s hard, very hard, I’m afraid you just have to try and ignore it, easier said than done. We know of people who break the rules, personally I think they’re just being selfish and risking others. We are all frustrated and probably all have weepy moments and I suppose that’s the small help, you’re not alone.

Nannarose Sun 24-Jan-21 20:52:24

No advice, but a great deal of sympathy, and I hope that coming on here to vent helps.

Spidergran3 Sun 24-Jan-21 23:01:21

Thank you for your encouraging replies. It really does help to share this kind of stuff. Stay safe everyone.

Teacheranne Sun 24-Jan-21 23:05:04

I’m trying to ignore what other people are doing and just make sure I do what is right for me. I know of people who deliberately break the rules, people who don’t know they are breaking the rules and people who tweak them to suit their own situations.

The main topic round here is who has or has not had the vaccine and again that would upset me if I spent too long thinking about how it is being allocated, there seems to be little consistency even within the same local area. But I’m determined to let it all wash over me as there’s nothing I can do to change things!

glammanana Sun 24-Jan-21 23:23:53

Spidergran As long as you keep yourself and your family safe there is nothing you can do,there is no explanation for stupidity in my book.
If your neighbours lived near me I would not hesitate in reporting them but obviously in such a small community I realise that is impossible for