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farview Mon 25-Jan-21 09:42:43

H had his first vaccine last Wednesday but wasnt given a date for his second assuming that he will receive a phone call nearer the time....but we know people who were given the second appointment after having first vaccine...

fourormore Mon 25-Jan-21 15:38:16

Hi Farview I think it varies from area to area and even from GP surgery and GP surgery?
One friend (85yr old) had her first jab and was given date for the 2nd. Few days before 2nd appt GP rang to confirm 2nd appt.
She agreed obviously but said she was expecting it to be postponed - was told by surgery not to believe everything you see on TV!
Another friend is 91 next week and has several underlying conditions hasn't even had appt for the first jab.
Glad your H has had the first one - keep safe!

farview Mon 25-Jan-21 18:19:30

Thank you fourormore...I was just under the impression that people were given the second vaccine date when they had their first one ...keep safe also!

NfkDumpling Mon 25-Jan-21 19:47:22

We had our jabs with the local GP and were given dates for the second appointment - in exactly twelve weeks time. We had to book both together and there was no choice (not that we argued). I think it's just the way our surgery is working it.

Who knows, the twelve week gap may be changed if media pressure gets it's way and then your centre's method farview will work more efficiently as they won't have to change all those appointments.

biba70 Mon 25-Jan-21 20:33:39

does not look good

EllanVannin Mon 25-Jan-21 20:54:30

That'll be right ! I was promised the 2nd jab in March { rolls eyes } I had the AstraZeneca one.

grannyrebel7 Mon 25-Jan-21 21:00:19

I was expecting another government U-turn on this, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Hope they know what they've doing with extending the time period to 12 weeks.

Jaxjacky Mon 25-Jan-21 21:01:22

Well thanks biba, cheerful news only please..??

MawBe Mon 25-Jan-21 22:49:17

So because the EU is facing criticism for its slow rollout of vaccinations , they are now going to restrict export of the vaccine so they can catch up?
Thanks a bunch EU -perhaps you should have sorted your ordering and purchasing better in the first place.
The phrase “levelling down” springs to mind

The development has raised pressure on the commission just as it is being criticised for the slow rollout of vaccination programmes in EU member states in comparison with the UK and the US

The UK has administered more than 10 doses per 100 residents but according to data gathered by Airfinity, a London-based life sciences analytics company, the EU has administered just under two doses per 100 residents
Kyriakides said Brussels would now insist on being notified of any exports of vaccines from EU sites, including that produced by Pfizer on which the UK is reliant on European laboratories for supplies, raising the spectre of export bans

Petty indeed. ?

MawBe Mon 25-Jan-21 22:57:11


When it comes to getting people vaccinated, the EU is trailing behind the U.K., the U.S. and Israel — and a growing number of critics blames the European Commission.

Over the weekend, Markus Söder, leader of Germany's Christian Social Union, and BioNTech CEO Uğur Şahin criticized the Commission for not purchasing enough of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, the first to be approved by European regulators.

The Commission fired back Monday, saying it had secured more than 2 billion doses of vaccines from seven producers with member states’ participation throughout the process.

I don't think that the issue is really the number of vaccines, it is the fact that we are at the beginning of a rolloutCommission chief spokesperson Eric Mamer said. “We're all judging this as if this campaign is over; in fact, the campaign is just starting

It's certainly been a slow start. EU countries have vaccinated hundreds of thousands of people collectively, but the numbers differ drastically between countries.

Even Germany, which has vaccinated 265,000 people — more than any other EU country— as of January 4, is still far off from the 1.3 million doses it has available.

Meanwhile, the U.K. has given jabs to around a million people (actually over 4 million by now) and the U.S. more than 4 million. Both countries got a weeks-long head start and are facing their own issues (the U.S. has 13.2 million doses available, for example), but the EU's slow rollout is down to delays in producing the vaccines, a more substantive but bureaucratic approval process, and poor planning in many EU countries

earnshaw Sat 30-Jan-21 10:42:58

Advice please, my husband had his first vaccine last week but didn't receive a card detailing the fact he'd had his vaccine , just wondering if he should have received notification at the time , did other members receive theirs ???

muse Sat 30-Jan-21 10:49:58

We had texts yesterday to book our first one. That's now booked for next Thursday. When the appointment was confirmed (another text) it said the 2nd vaccination would be in April and we'd get another text.

This is from the surgery but we're going to a local treatment centre (10 mins drive away).

Now we have more places doing them, the appointments appear to be quickening. We were originally told mid to late Feb for ours. We're 71 and 72.

Hope this is useful but I know from ringing relatives around the country, it does vary a lot.