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Vaccinations of younger people first

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coastalgran Mon 25-Jan-21 21:24:01

Just an observation of other countries who have started vaccinating the working age population first, wouldn't this make more economic sense, physical and mental wellbeing sense and let those in their twilight and midnight years stay safe in their own or care homes with the prospect of seeing their loved ones earlier and living a bit longer. I am well into retirement and do not contribute to any part of the world in the same way my children do and hopefully my grandchildren will do. I can wait a bit longer if it means they can return to their full earning/living potential.

growstuff Mon 25-Jan-21 21:45:19

How would people in care homes etc end up seeing their loved ones earlier? It's likely their younger relatives would still be infectious and older people wouldn't then be protected. I don't understand how they would live longer either.

It would be condemning older and more vulnerable people to a solitary existence.

JaneJudge Mon 25-Jan-21 21:49:01

I don't completely agree with the order of the vaccinations but it makes more sense to protect older groups and hospital/care home/healthcare workers first and then go through the ages. I'm a bit upset the CEV are left until group 6 but it is a few months and my life has been severely affected by all this and I still understand why it is being done as it is eve though I would rather my life get back to normal tomorrow

Marydoll Mon 25-Jan-21 21:56:52

In Scotland the clinically extremely vulnerable are in Group 4. Is it different in England?

BlueSky Mon 25-Jan-21 22:15:02

You are right Marydoll the CEV are group 4 in all the 4 countries, in group 6 there are those with underlying medical conditions.

JaneJudge Mon 25-Jan-21 22:23:23

Callistemon Mon 25-Jan-21 22:25:22

Twilight and midnight years

I feel immensely cheered up by that categorisation

JaneJudge Mon 25-Jan-21 22:25:50

it says group 6, see list below so I suspect they are just clinically vulnerable not extremely confused sorry

Callistemon Mon 25-Jan-21 22:32:36

At the rate we're going, we'll be vaccinating younger age groups here at the same time as other countries are starting their vaccination programmes anyway.

Marydoll Mon 25-Jan-21 23:02:14

As someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, I received a text message last week that, because as shielding, I would be receiving the vaccine by the middle of February at the latest.

I believe those in Group 6, are those who are classed as vulnerable, but not extremely vulnerable, with conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

You would be normally have been notified by letter in March if you were classed as extremely clinically vulnerable.
There seems to be some confusion regarding the definition, CEV.

Doodle Mon 25-Jan-21 23:41:46

DH is CEV and he has had a letter saying he should be offered the vaccination by Mid February.

Deedaa Mon 25-Jan-21 23:53:30

The thinking is that they are vaccinating those who are most likely to end up in hospital. The biggest emergency at the moment is the strain on the NHS. DD's friend is just starting another 10 week stretch in ICU in a hospital that now has psychiatrists working on the Covid wards because so many staff are sick or isolating that they are having to recruit anyone they can.