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Scam seemingly from covid app

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Shinamae Wed 27-Jan-21 22:19:36

At about 9 o’clock tonight l received the information that I’ve been in contact with somebody with Covid and about an hour later was told my isolation would finish tonight. Very poor scammers but gave me a fright to start with....??‍♀️

geekesse Wed 27-Jan-21 22:49:32

Not a scam. 10 days ago you had contact with someone. They only notified the system that they had tested positive today. You needed to self-isolate for ten days from the time you had contact with them. Result - you get a message to self-isolate, but the ten days is up tonight.

Shinamae Wed 27-Jan-21 22:53:29

Well I have never heard of anybody being told to isolate for one day

geekesse Thu 28-Jan-21 07:54:46

I was. I contacted them and asked. In the same way as you, I received a notification around noon, and my isolation period ended at midnight the same day. I had been in a restaurant on 13th Dec. At lunchtime on 23rd, I got the notification and then a couple of hours later a message saying my self-isolation ended by midnight. Like you I thought ‘odd’, but apparently, the Covid case I had contacted on 13th had only notified the app on 23rd that he/she had had a positive test.

PollyDolly Thu 28-Jan-21 08:07:00

Surely, all you need to do is think back 10 days, determine who you were with and ask them??? As geekesse has explain, the person who contracted Covid had only just reported the date to the App, hence the break in real time!

The App is automated and will calculate the dates informing contacts accordingly.

Shinamae Thu 28-Jan-21 09:14:54

Thank you geekesse.......

Don’t understand why you are quite so annoyed PD?

PollyDolly Thu 28-Jan-21 10:01:59


Thank you geekesse.......

Don’t understand why you are quite so annoyed PD?

I am NOT annoyed! Simply pointing out the obvious!

Shinamae Thu 28-Jan-21 10:08:57

Your use of !’s and questionmarks makes me think different....

Shinamae Thu 28-Jan-21 10:10:02

And I am glad it was so obvious to you because it certainly wasn’t to me which is why I posed the question and had a very nice response from one member of Gransnet...

geekesse Thu 28-Jan-21 10:38:23

No-one has ever accused me of writing a ‘very nice response’ on GN before. :-)

PollyDolly Thu 28-Jan-21 10:42:04

Do you know what? Think what you like. If I wanted to express anger I would have used angry faced imojis like many others on GN.
I will state again that I was merely pointing out what appeared so obvious to me.
I shall not bother in future.

Shinamae Thu 28-Jan-21 10:46:34

Jolly good idea......?

PollyDolly Thu 28-Jan-21 10:55:37


Shinamae Thu 28-Jan-21 11:01:44

Whatever ?????