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Thankyou to the NHS, public health and all the volunteers.

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trisher Fri 29-Jan-21 10:34:13

I had my first vaccination and was so impressed with the organisation. The site I used is doing. between 1500 and 2000 people a day. It was so incredibly well organised, efficient and easy. All the people I encountered were friendly and encouraging and it struck me what a great operation this was. And I thought about all the volunteers involved from the testing to the delivering and how everyone should be properly thanked. If only the same system had been used for test, track and trace we might be in a better position today.

silverlining48 Fri 29-Jan-21 11:28:42

I thank everyone who has helped during this difficult time, and will do it personally if ever I get an invite fir vaccination.
Glad all went well Trisher.

Lucca Fri 29-Jan-21 12:35:15

Absolutely agree I’ve just had mine . Great atmosphere

Iam64 Fri 29-Jan-21 13:35:16

Absolute agreement from me as well. I had my first jab this morning. I felt quite emotional afterwards. Every room in the surgery had a nurse and doctor to ask necessary questions, give the injection, verbal and written advice. A socially distanced area in which to rest 15 mins to ensure no reactions.
As Trisha and Lucca say, a great friendly and positive atmosphere.
The car park and any queue area run by local volunteers.
I felt it showed my town and the nhs at their best.
Thanks to all

EllanVannin Fri 29-Jan-21 13:50:38

It sounds as though these centres have all been run efficiently and effectively given the volume of people attending. I know mine was last week. Yes, a well done and thankyou to them all.

ayse Fri 29-Jan-21 14:16:53

Yes, a huge thanks to everyone.

It just points how good the public sector can be against the private test and trace system that IMO failed miserably at huge cost that WE have paid for!

It all makes me so cross that the private sector is held up as the most efficient way of caring for the population.

FarNorth Fri 29-Jan-21 14:49:28

It's wonderful to hear how that's working out.

eazybee Fri 29-Jan-21 16:36:07

Just returned from my first vaccination, which all went very smoothly. Thanks to all involved, and thanks to the Government for having the foresight to support the production of the vaccine, and order sufficient stock for everyone.