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Travelling to and from a new home during lockdown

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Jess20 Sat 30-Jan-21 16:17:31

After a couple of years of searching we recently completed on a new house by the coast. The long-term plan had always been to live there most of the time and keep a small flat near where our disabled son gets hospital treatment (the nearest specialist centre that deals with his condition). The latest covid lockdown began when the house was part furnished but habitable. We had to return to the small city flat while our son had intensive regular medical treatment as an outpatient. Now we're all ready with a van full of beds, spare food etc and really ought to go 'home', if only to ensure it's not lost tiles in recent storms and to avoid invalidating our insurance.
It's been more than 2 weeks since we went near a hospital, shop or anyone else. We can get back home without stopping (barring the unforeseen) as it's about a 2 hour drive; the freezer there is full and there's a large safe garden where we can getfresh air. Our neighbours are happy if we 'come home'. We'd probably be OK to travel there as it's technically a 'house move' and thevan is registered there. Trouble is, we'd only be able to stay a week or two before having to return to the city for another 2-3 weeks of medical treatment for which we need to be near the hospital.
Who would go for a week or so?

Peasblossom Sat 30-Jan-21 16:22:55

I think for the moment you have to decide where “home “ is and stick to it. The house move would be “allowable” but then to travel back to the city and, presumably, then back to the coast again?

I know a lot of posters will say just do it, but if everyone shutters back and forth?

Peasblossom Sat 30-Jan-21 16:23:16


JaneJudge Sat 30-Jan-21 16:30:24

I suppose you could say the flat is your sons permanent residence and yours in the one on the coast and you are part of his care provision? it's no different really is it? I know people will disagree with me but the flat is just there so your son can get treatment with you being there to support him, otherwise he would have to have carers come in

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 30-Jan-21 18:53:25

I didn’t think you were allowed to go to ‘second homes’.
It sounds as though your main home has to be near your son for his treatments.

Grandma11 Sat 30-Jan-21 19:10:00

Yes you are allowed to travel for a house move, My step brother did this last week. The new house would then be your permanent residence, but your son, and You as his Carer, whole then be allowed to travel back under the rule of ‘Travelling to attend a medical appointment and or gain Treatment’. You would just need to carry the Medical evidence such as a Hospital letter or Appointment card to show that this was the case should you ever need to show proof to the authorities. Should you need to, you could also stay overnight in a Hotel during your visit, one of the few circumstances where Hotels are allowed to accept bookings from Guests during lockdown.

Jess20 Sat 30-Jan-21 23:41:52

Thanks all, I think I tend to agree that, while I could probably argue the case, it not really the right thing to do at the moment. Will wait a bit longer, maybe we can start to travel back and forth again soon if restrictions lift a bit.