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Covid vaccine centre in Los Angeles forced to close yesterday by anti vaccine protesters.

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Grannynannywanny Sun 31-Jan-21 09:47:06

One of the largest vaccination centres in the country was forced to close yesterday for an hour and many people missed their appointments.

Protesters blocked the way, told people to remove their masks and go home.

Elegran Sun 31-Jan-21 10:27:08

There is an piece in the news about "How a picture of my foot became anti-vaccine propaganda" on how anti-vaccine activists picked up on a foot problem that happened to someone a few days after she was in a vaccine trial.

She never received the actual vaccine. Medical records show that she received a placebo, a small injection of salt water.

Her illness had nothing to do with injections. But that didn't stop activists twisting her story to advance their own agendas. And the false account will stay in anti-vaccine minds, while the true one is forgotten.

Baggs Sun 31-Jan-21 10:31:18

Some people are bonkers. It does look as if police dealt with the anti-vax demonstration though because the report says the vaccination centre re-opened after an hour.

I've no problem with people protesting peacefully but they shouldn't be allowed to interfere with other people's choices, nor to put undue pressure on people.

Luckygirl Sun 31-Jan-21 10:43:36

Nuts - just completely nuts. How do you reason with people like this?

Lizbethann55 Mon 01-Feb-21 14:54:46

Piers Corbyn and his "happy band of followers" are picketing hospitals. The medical staff have to make their way through the pickets to get in. I know exactly what I would like to do to them!

Callistemon Mon 01-Feb-21 15:47:15

I was just about to post that Lizbethann
Where are those water cannon now? They're not afraid to use those and tear gas on the Continent.

Mollygo Mon 01-Feb-21 16:17:36

Yes why are we so pathetic about using water cannon?
I didn’t know anything about Piers Corbyn-I thought it was a joke combining Pers Morgan and Jeremy Corbyn.
I think the protesters should have the courage to wear wristbands saying ‘don’t treat me’ in case they get ill. But then they’d probably whizz out and share their illness around.

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 16:22:54

Disgraceful behaviour,

25Avalon Mon 01-Feb-21 16:29:46

Boris bought the water cannon when he was Mayor of London. Kahn got rid of them so we haven’t got them to use.

AGAA4 Mon 01-Feb-21 16:31:12

If they don't want the vaccine that's fine but they shouldn't interfere with the choices of others. It is very arrogant behaviour.

annodomini Mon 01-Feb-21 17:01:44

this article explains what happened to Boris's water canons!

Lizbethann55 Mon 01-Feb-21 18:14:30

Mollygo Piers Corbyn is a very dangerous individual. He is an anti vaxer, a Covid denier, a conspiracy theorist and has compared the vaccine to Auschwitz. Thanks to social media he has thousands of followers.

tickingbird Mon 01-Feb-21 18:31:05

There are so many supposedly intelligent, rational people behind this conspiracy nonsense. Covid isn’t real and Trump is returning and Biden, Pelosi et al are going to be arrested! I have actually lost a friend to Covid two weeks ago - only 63 and it came as a total shock. I can’t even attend her funeral. I ‘lost’ another friend last week who took umbrage when I likened her unswerving belief in this conspiracy by the dark state, to being in a cult! I don’t know where it all began or why normally rational people are convinced we’re all being duped but these people truly believe this nonsense. I find it baffling.

25Avalon Thu 04-Feb-21 16:23:24

Annodomini that’s very interesting. Thanks for posting. Looks like Cameron was implicated in promising they could be used if there was civil unrest. Bought second hand from Germany when no one else would buy them, Theresa May banned their use as being unsafe. So if water canons are considered necessary get the right ones! Although I saw a picture of a girl who was bleeding from a bad head wound where water canon had knocked her into a wall and she was innocent. Horrific!

JenniferEccles Thu 04-Feb-21 16:33:25

And Piers Corbyn’s brother is.....?
What a lucky escape we had.
His brother could have been in charge of our vaccination rollout if (unlikely though that would have been) he had won the General Election.

rubysong Thu 04-Feb-21 16:52:56

How about if/when the vaccine refusers get ill and have to go to hospital they have to pay for all their treatment?
DH has his vaccination tomorrow and I hope to be soon after (I am 69).

Callistemon Thu 04-Feb-21 17:08:30

The NHS is there for all, free at the point of delivery so we couldn't make them a special group.

He can please himself but encouraging others to protest and preventing people having their vaccines warrants arrest imo.
He's a lot cleverer than his brother but all that intelligence is misdirected.

welbeck Thu 04-Feb-21 17:12:15

25Avalon, and others urging the use of water cannon.
they are not legal to be used here, thank goodness.
that woman in the Netherlands was flung against a concrete wall and sustained a fractured skull.
she was trying to pass by, not protesting.

welbeck Thu 04-Feb-21 17:15:13


And Piers Corbyn’s brother is.....?
What a lucky escape we had.
His brother could have been in charge of our vaccination rollout if (unlikely though that would have been) he had won the General Election.

isn't that guilt by association.
like saying i was robbed by a black man, so i wouldn't trust any black men.
JC is not responsible for what PC thinks or does.

25Avalon Thu 04-Feb-21 19:53:46

Wellbeck after reading annodomino’s article and seeing that horrific “accident” in the Netherlands I am not one of those urging the use of water cannon. Looking at other countries some have a pretty awful way of dealing with dissenters. No guns here either.