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Entertaining Parody

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Ashcombe Sun 07-Feb-21 12:08:38

This family has produced yet another lighthearted version of a song linked to our current situation. They were on BBC Breakfast this morning and I thought it was worth sharing:-

Iam64 Sun 07-Feb-21 12:10:43

The Marsh family has been a bright spot during these tough days

Smileless2012 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:48:25

Thanks for the link Ashcombeotherwise I'd have missed that. Made me cry with laughter, the best one yet and they have such great voices toosmile.

Whiff Sun 07-Feb-21 14:03:23

Ashcombe thank that was wonderful. What brilliant singers and so funny but true. ?

LaRia44 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:08:39

Great Stuff, just lovely to see the family working together
I’ll now search for more by this family

Ashcombe Sun 07-Feb-21 14:38:45

I’m glad they’ve proved enjoyable. Yes, they do have enchanting voices.

A few more for you:-

EllanVannin Sun 07-Feb-21 14:53:15

Yet another brilliant rendition. Well done family.