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Will she be alright again

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Nanawind Wed 10-Feb-21 22:08:45

My Mil is in a nursing home I have mentioned about her on here before.
She is nearly 92, diabetic, kidney failure and heart problems.
Has full facilities in her mind, just her body failing.
On 10th December she caught covid and recovered.
Had the first vaccine at the beginning of January.
The home has just phoned to say she has covid again and quite a few patients are poorly as well.

We only had an email on Monday to say that they were doing window visits again.
It was arranged for DH to go tomorrow which of course is now cancelled.

Casdon Wed 10-Feb-21 22:15:18

Did they say she had tested positive again, or that she had tested positive and is also unwell? If she’s tested positive but is not unwell it may just be that the residue of her previous infection is still in her body, apparently that happens to quite a few people, and she will not suffer illness from it again?

Nanawind Wed 10-Feb-21 22:36:27

@Casdon she has tested positive and is poorly. We have just read on FB that one of our friends grandad has died and he was 4 doors
away from Mils room.
We last had contact by phone with her (someone has to tell her what we say) on Sunday.
We are very worried about her again.
It's so sad that whatever the staff do this terrible thing is still getting in the home.
It must be so demoralising and scary for the staff. They are all lovely people.

Casdon Wed 10-Feb-21 22:42:32

I’m so sorry to hear that Nanawind, I hope she manages to pull through this again.

NellG Wed 10-Feb-21 22:49:26

I don't suppose anyone can really say, but as she's had the vaccine with a bit of luck her symptoms may be milder, so she stands a decent chance for a person of her age.

It must be so worrying for you and your DH, and I'm so sorry to hear she's now got it for the second time - so unjust.

They say memories make a fine cushion, perhaps you and DH can try and focus on happier times with her in between the worrying. It often helps to bring a therapeutic smile in difficult times.

Best wishes x

muse Wed 10-Feb-21 23:30:05

Nanawind. Sorry to hear this news and that DH can't visit. Agree with NellG. Your MiL sounds a fighter.
Keep yourself occupied as much as possible.

MissAdventure Wed 10-Feb-21 23:47:31

Oh that must be a bitter pill to swallow. The poor woman.

It seems to affect everyone differently, and the vaccine will hopefully lessen the severity, but nobody knows for sure how things may end, for anyone.

I do hope she'll be ok. flowers

nanna8 Wed 10-Feb-21 23:50:09

Hope she gets a milder dose of it this time. It is a bit of a worry that she did the right thing and had the vaccine but still tested positive. Are there things we are not being told ?

MissAdventure Thu 11-Feb-21 00:10:06

It is quite shocking, but it is as we've been told.

The vaccine isn't a magic fix. I would have thought that having covid may provide more protection, but I suppose a care home must be very difficult to manage, once someone gets it.

welbeck Thu 11-Feb-21 02:17:51

also the fact that many careworkers refuse to have the vaccine must make the residents more vulnerable, i would think.
if i ruled the world, this would not be possible.
to me it's like a bus driver refusing to take a driving test, saying he's quite safe, been driving for years, doesn't need to.
to me the two are incompatible; nobody has to have the vaccine, but then nobody has to be a careworker. choose.

Namsnanny Thu 11-Feb-21 12:36:45

Nanawind so sorry to hear this. I hope she recovers flowersflowers