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How local is local?

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Valels Sun 28-Mar-21 15:56:32

As I understand it, the 'stay at home' rule ends tomorrow(in England) but we're advised to stay local if possible. How local is local? During lockdown we havent travelled further than 5 miles from home.
Now I'm desperate to get out of this town and see some countryside and have a walk in the fresh air. I want to travel to a lovely place we used to visit frequently, approx 20 miles away, however OH is insisting we're still not allowed to travel that far.
AIBU? Or is OH being too literal with the rules?
What's the general opinion?

tanith Sun 28-Mar-21 16:13:27

To me 5 miles is staying local but I think people will do what they want come Monday.

PaperMonster Sun 28-Mar-21 16:54:11

We’ve travelled ten miles - for banking services and shops. I travelled 20 miles for medical services. Twenty miles seems reasonable to me.

M0nica Sun 28-Mar-21 17:43:57

Well, our bubble lives 100 miles away.

muse Sun 28-Mar-21 17:47:03

I posted this question on a other thread but haven't found an answer yet.

Agree paperMonster I'm in a very rural area and am looking forward driving 1/2 hour to the nearest beach that's 15 miles away to walk my dog and do a bit of the coastal path walk. Is this local? The most I have regularly travelled is 7 miles to my nearest town for the supermarket and vet (essential travelling).

tanith The Government's 'stay at home' order officially ends on Monday, March 29, and is set to be replaced with 'stay local' guidelines. I think quite a few haven't waited for this and gone much further than 5 miles for weeks now for non essential trips out. ​

This is a quote from a local newspaper:
Although the Government has stopped short of setting distances they deem acceptable, the Department of Health and Social Care has said: "People should be sensible – if you do leave home, you should stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live - unless there is a justifiable reason not to do so."
"Long-distance travel, while no longer illegal as of March 29, is not encouraged. But if you do have a justifiable reason for your journey, there are other strict rules that must be followed."

Kim19 Sun 28-Mar-21 17:49:56

I believe local to be within my county council boundary.

tanith Sun 28-Mar-21 17:53:26

It’s actually going to be different depending on where you live, if I drove 20 miles I could be halfway across London not something advisable I’m sure. So I’ll stick to my local boroughs.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Mar-21 17:57:37

I think it was 5 miles in Wales and Scotland.

MerylStreep Sun 28-Mar-21 18:00:21

At some time in the not to distant future people are going to have to start thinking for themselves instead of waiting for every instruction from the government.
Maybe a good idea would be to start practicing now.

M0nica Sun 28-Mar-21 18:01:09

These rules were left vague, precisely because everyone's circumstances are different. If you live somewhere remote like the north Pennines, you probably have to drive 5 miles to find another house and 20 miles to a food shop.

A friend who lives in inner London can meet all her needs within half a mile of her home.

EllanVannin Sun 28-Mar-21 18:10:39

It's not so much the travelling but the social distancing that's going to be the problem as everyone will have the same idea when we have the promised couple of days warmth.
Imagine the hordes hitting beaches---it'll have nothing to do with how far they've travelled, it's how close they'll be to the person in front or behind one there. Shops etc, queues for ice-creams and eats.

I'd still rather stay at home. Not everyone's vaccinated either.

M0nica Sun 28-Mar-21 18:14:40

EllanVannin beaches and honey pots, are not the only places to visit. We will be going for a walk next weekend when our bubble comes to stay. It will be somewhere quiet and lovely, where it will be very easy to distance ourselves from anyone else who is about.

Valels Sun 28-Mar-21 19:17:01

Thanks everyone. I'll be heading out to a nice quiet spot in the Durham Dales and avoiding people as much as possible!

JaneJudge Sun 28-Mar-21 19:19:31

well I'm going to pick my son up tomorrow from university and he lives 2 hours away
I'm not sure if that helps or not

PamelaJ1 Sun 28-Mar-21 19:50:20

As we aren’t allowed to stay over then there is a bit of a limit unless you want to spend the whole day in the car.
I took this screen shot to remind me that travelling to my Sister’s is legal.
We are going 70 miles. To meet in her garden. Also present will be a relative who works within the Sage committee and says that is fine.

Valels Sun 28-Mar-21 22:01:37

That's what I'd read PamelaJ1. I've planned on going to see my daughter who lives about 70 miles away, but I'm going to work up to that distance!

PaperMonster Sun 28-Mar-21 22:19:57

Kim19 - we are on the very edge of our county border and our nearest supermarket is in the neighbouring county, as is the bank! And when I ended up in A&E early in this lockdown it was two counties away as that’s where our local hospital is!!

V3ra Sun 28-Mar-21 22:22:41

Our daughter is just over 60 miles away and we're planning to go over one day next weekend for a garden visit.

Witzend Mon 29-Mar-21 10:15:32

We’ll be going to a dd on Easter Sunday - a 60 mile drive.

Charleygirl5 Mon 29-Mar-21 10:20:34

In England, one can travel where one likes but cannot stay overnight.

Lillie Mon 29-Mar-21 10:22:42

Staying within 5 miles at the moment, but gearing up for 100 miles trips for days out to the coast after 12th April.
Then will stay local again from July when schools break up.

muse Mon 29-Mar-21 10:48:45


In England, one can travel where one likes but cannot stay overnight.

They are being urged to stay local.

Because of the M1 I used to drive to my son's and back for the day several times a year. 140 miles (2.5 hours). We both lived close to a junction.
I can see many doing this sort of distance, this Easter weekend, to get to some beauty spots.

Calendargirl Mon 29-Mar-21 10:54:17

A while ago, a deputy chief constable got a lot of flack when he said you could travel from one end of the country to another, as long as you could justify it if questioned. He did say it was not illegal, but not recommended.

So ‘local’ can mean whatever you think is a reasonable excuse, i.e. ‘I need to walk my dog on a beach 50 miles away’.

ninathenana Mon 29-Mar-21 12:34:02

My ex son-in-law is taking the GC 500miles north to STAY over (which is still against the rules) at his mum's for Easter ?
He's a law unto himself in most things.

JenniferEccles Mon 29-Mar-21 13:47:24

Ideally I guess it would be preferred if people stayed local but apparently legally there is no reason why we can’t have a run out in the car to a beauty spot or the coast.

We are planning a run down to the south coast tomorrow to take advantage of the predicted good weather.
It’s just over an hour so not too far.
We’ll take a packed lunch, flasks and have a long walk along the seafront.
I can’t wait! If it’s as warm as predicted we will eat our lunch outside, if not we will sit in the car overlooking the sea.

I’m expecting it to be fairly busy but in my experience most people keep their distance and with the inevitable sea breeze it’ll be fine.