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Childcare bubble- getting home test kits

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Atqui Wed 31-Mar-21 11:55:58

I’ve just discovered that we can get test kits as we care for grandchild who goes to nursery. I went online yesterday and found the appropriate place. To register, then had to get code form email and go back to the page. Can I find it again? Of course not. Can anyone provide me with a link as I’ve been trawling through the website for ages.Thanks

tanith Wed 31-Mar-21 12:13:25

Is there not a link in email they sent you?

Petera Wed 31-Mar-21 12:22:02


Atqui Wed 31-Mar-21 13:57:25

Thanks for the link. I’ve just realised that when I googled it put up NHS websites instead of Gov.

ElaineI Wed 31-Mar-21 14:04:37

You can't get them in Scotland. Don't know why not?

Atqui Wed 31-Mar-21 18:38:24

Ordered with no problems. Sorry you can’t get them in Scotland