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Care home restrictions

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fluff Sun 04-Apr-21 11:24:47

My mum is in a care home, they will only allow one visitor at a time, and outdoors only , Covid rules say that 2 visitors will be allowed indoors from tomorrow, although this care home refuses to allow this, surely this must be illegal , it’s almost as though they are keeping the residents imprisoned. I know that some relatives have not been able to visit at all because they can’t visit alone , they have been extremely rude and aggressive about this towards relatives, does anyone know what our legal position might be ?

Redhead56 Sun 04-Apr-21 11:51:47

Have you thought about the head office for the care home? Maybe consider Age UK or Care Quality Commission it’s somewhere to start your enquires.
It’s better than speaking ground level to staff or manager if you are getting know where with them. If you have been polite with them don’t let them be rude to you that is not their job.

Teacheranne Sun 04-Apr-21 12:30:47

In England, it’s April 12th when two visitors will be allowed indoors. However, homes which are still not letting one visitor indoors probably won’t let two people in either.

Unfortunately I don’t think it is the law, just guidelines but I know the action group rights for Residents are encouraging people having difficulties with visit to contact the cqc.

My sister, the nominated visitor, can go indoors to see Mum but only for 20 minutes each visit. As mum has dementia, it can take her a while to recognise her and calm down so the visits seem very short but it’s better than nothing.

JaneJudge Sun 04-Apr-21 13:29:48

The decision lies with the care provider unfortunately. My advice would be to contact your Mum's social worker if she has one and detail your Mums right to family life as part of the human rights act an see if they can do anything. The care provider shouldn't be aggressive with you, has communication broken down? (might also be worth mentioning that to the social worker too)