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The world must rally to support India

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Whitewavemark2 Sat 24-Apr-21 09:30:20

Even if it is for our own self interest, but the world must give every support possible.

lemongrove Sat 24-Apr-21 09:47:55

India, a beautiful country with one of the worst governments in the world.A country with a space programme who allow so many citizens to live in abject poverty.Now running out of oxygen, even though they could see how things were going.

keepingquiet Sat 24-Apr-21 09:51:09

I agree- regardless of what we think of the government those people need our help. It could be us.

lemongrove Sat 24-Apr-21 09:54:38

Oh we will help them, as will other countries, but after all this has gone away, in future years I would like to see far less donations from the West heading to India.When are they going to spend it on their own people?

Casdon Sat 24-Apr-21 09:56:06

I was thinking the same, the countries that are over the worst need to rally to help them now, it’s going to kill millions otherwise.

grandmajet Sat 24-Apr-21 09:56:58

It is indeed a beautiful country and a very rich one, but also with social inequality which is almost unbelievable to see. A place where construction workers earn a pittance while working on some of the world’s most expensive real estate; young men who live hundreds of miles from their families to earn a living, sending every penny they can home. I don’t know what the answer is, but they do need help now.

nanna8 Sat 24-Apr-21 10:16:12

One of the richest countries in the world but the poor people who live there don’t get a look in. I find that quite challenging and have always avoided giving aid but sometimes you have to look past their immorality.

Puzzler61 Sat 24-Apr-21 10:34:33

I’m sure we will help. God knows they need it.
I don’t know anything about their government so won’t comment,
but I wish they would embrace contraception and stop having so many children. There wouldn’t be so much poverty, overcrowded living and sick people to treat. Or is that too simplistic - or never likely to happen?

suziewoozie Sat 24-Apr-21 10:51:11

Too simplistic I’m afraid - paradoxically when you’re very poor children are a security for your old age. As countries become more prosperous, birth rates tend to go down. I know that’s very simplistic as well but broadly true.

NotSpaghetti Sat 24-Apr-21 10:58:36

I have written to my MP asking what we can do to help with the oxygen situation.
We must first think of the poor people dying and their families.
Even if a few flights of canisters are a drop in the ocean it's lives potentially saved.

It is terrible to watch and do nothing.

Why aren't questions being asked in the media about what we are doing to help?
Does no-one care?

BlueBelle Sat 24-Apr-21 11:39:19

We have to help of course we do there but for fate it could be any of us we cannot stand back and watch
I heard they were let down by the oxygen they had bought not arriving
Puzzler it’s too simplistic by far if you are living outside the cities you would not have the means to get contraception they don’t have a family planning office in rural areas They have probably never seen a condom or the pill Look at this country a century or more ago there were often families of 12/13 children didn’t queen Vic have a tribe of her own when she didn’t even like children
No time for blame or reasons we just have to help

Galaxy Sat 24-Apr-21 11:41:57

The best way to ensure lower birth rates is to provide access to education for women.

EllanVannin Sat 24-Apr-21 11:45:15

This country sent £100m to India at the end of 2020, yet India are sending a bloomin' rocket to Venus ?! The money is specifically for creating jobs in the poorer parts of the country.
I think that it was at that point that the UK reduced their foreign aid to the country.
Another 10 years and India will be one of the richest country in the world. Where will we be I wonder ? In the doldrums with our begging bowls shock

Sarnia Sat 24-Apr-21 11:47:25

India, with it's wealthy and unbelievably poor. I am always happy for aid to be given to countries who need it but I struggle when it comes to India, with their space programme costing billions and a government who won't acknowledge the plight of their poorest people. However, something needs to be done but any help must reach those who need it, not creamed off for the rich. Brazil's poor is in a similar state. A TV report I watched accused the Government there of genocide towards their poor.

nanna8 Wed 28-Apr-21 10:38:52

Their government needs to shape up, they are appalling. Meanwhile many are dying and being turned away from hospitals. There is an illegal trade going on in oxygen and drugs, the rich benefitting as usual. One of the richest countries in the world and one of the most selfish as regards the poor and underprivileged. Of course we need to help but we also need to make sure the help doesn’t go to the wrong people .I hope our politicians are able to guarantee that all the medical equipment sent doesn’t end up in the hands of those unscrupulous profiteers.

LauraNorder Wed 28-Apr-21 20:45:26

Never mind the politics we must get help to those poor desperate souls. I would like to see manpower delivered with the oxygen and raw materials for vaccines to ensure that the supplies go where they are most needed.
There but for fortune..........

Jaxjacky Wed 28-Apr-21 21:21:42

That’s the problem nanna8 I don’t think we, or any other country who send aid, in whatever form, have any control on what happens to it. Not just India either.

NannyC2 Thu 29-Apr-21 16:33:25

mmmm - this is not what I have just seen and learnt about what is really happening in India!!! (They do have restrictions in place)
Please research - research - research - don't take my word - it's out there for you to see yourselves!

Alegrias1 Thu 29-Apr-21 16:36:39

Any clues NannyC2?

NannyC2 Thu 29-Apr-21 16:52:21

I can't risk saying much because you know what will happen Alegrias1
Just to say I saw a young, very annoyed female who has been living in India since January and she says 'people need to see with their own eyes' what is happening.
Visuals are shown but you need to find the 'right platform.' I can't name names, sorry.

Galaxy Thu 29-Apr-21 16:54:10

Thanks. Very useful hmm

NotSpaghetti Fri 30-Apr-21 00:03:31

but you need to find the 'right platform.'


Iam64 Fri 30-Apr-21 08:23:06

India needs help now. Whatever the horrors associated with its government, if the disease continues to spread there are world wide implications.
There are historical and current links between the UK and India, family connections.

Lucca Fri 30-Apr-21 09:26:21


I can't risk saying much because you know what will happen Alegrias1
Just to say I saw a young, very annoyed female who has been living in India since January and she says 'people need to see with their own eyes' what is happening.
Visuals are shown but you need to find the 'right platform.' I can't name names, sorry.

Totally bemused by this? What “is happening” ?? Is this another Covid denial thing ?