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melp1 Fri 21-May-21 16:19:59

My boss has a driving holiday booked on his own abroad beginning of June. Going by shuttle to France, then on to Italy different stop overs for 3 nights and Switzerland for 3 nights.
I've said he'll need to isolate when he gets back but I know he won't I've booked the time off when he gets back, off for 10 days, but there's someone else works in the workshop where he goes and clients come into our sales office. He'll have to see them as I'm not in. Am I wrong about the government guldelines?

chelseababy Fri 21-May-21 16:21:50

By then they might be green.

Hartmann Tue 22-Jun-21 12:01:22

Does anybody know how "leisure purposes" are defined in the context of visiting amber list countries? Is visiting your partner allowed if you have been apart for a long time, or is that leisure? Will any fines be in place after May 17th depending on whether travel is determined to be for "leisure purposes", or is there potential to be turned away at check in?

Casdon Tue 22-Jun-21 12:10:18

I think at the moment the UK is on France’s amber list, does he realise he will have to self isolate for 7 days when he arrives there?