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mixing vaccines

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Dogsmakemesmile Mon 24-May-21 10:37:29

Just read on mumsnet that Nature has published an article that mixing vaccines produces excellent results in terms of antibodies. This would make it much easier to vaccinate everyone in the future I presume. Sorry don't know how to link but on the Coronovirus page. Obviously.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 24-May-21 12:41:42

Well, well, well! Here (Denmark) we have been told the exact opposite: that mixing vaccines nullifies the effect of both doses!

Ye's pays yer money and takes yer choice!

Esspee Mon 24-May-21 16:47:06

There have been contradictory reports but the main research is still ongoing. We shall have to wait and see.

Casdon Mon 24-May-21 17:07:02

The information provided in Denmark doesn’t appear to be based on science, as the scientists don’t know yet what the outcome will be - here’s an explanation of the issues for consideration and trial, from the EU Research and Innovation arm.

BlueSky Tue 25-May-21 09:15:47

Yes contradictory reports so far. Some say it’s good some say the opposite. We will have to wait but I read in some countries Pfizer has been given as a second dose to younger people who’ve had the AZ.

nanna8 Tue 25-May-21 09:18:39

My grandson has had a mix because he reacted badly to the AZ one. He is a medical student so he has to have it to go into the hospitals.

Dogsmakemesmile Tue 29-Jun-21 18:25:24

The positive results yesterday regarding mixing vaccines did make me smile. I had to have two different vaccines due for medical reasons. The NHS were fantastic especially public health people. I am not complacent and will continue to be careful but I do feel less worried .