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LiliWenFach44 Sun 30-May-21 12:16:49

Hello. I’m not a frequenter on Gransnet... but I wanted to ask your advice about overnight stays!
I have to take steroids for an autoimmune condition diagnosed last year, which is ongoing and I’ve had both my Covid jabs.
I have been invited to stay with my man friend who I have not seen at his house since before the pandemic. We have met in town for restaurant meals twice in the last two weeks.
I am nervous ? to be honest about staying 3 nights, although it’s allowed now, and I wondered what the excellent Granny team would think of my predicament? Thanks for your help! ?

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 12:19:55

Go for it!
I think that we are all over thinking things now. What exactly are you worried about? You need to be rational, but personally I can't see any problem with it at all.

LiliWenFach44 Sun 30-May-21 12:36:39

Thanks Fanny Cornforth... I suppose it’s because I take Prednisolone for Polymyalgia Rheumatica diagnosed during lockdown last year, and it being an immunosuppressant, I was cautious of being in close contact and hugging ?. I’ve not had an antibody test, so I’m not sure about how the antibodies would stack up in my case! Grateful for your quick reply!

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 12:40:00

Perhaps you could mention it to your GP? Just to get some reassurance?
I do know exactly how you feel, I've got health anxiety on behalf of my husband

kittylester Sun 30-May-21 12:40:21

Just to say that there are men on this site too.

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 12:45:36


Just to say that there are men on this site too.

And non-grans! ?

Kamiso Sun 30-May-21 13:00:33

Go for it! If you find it too much presumably you could leave earlier than planned?

My post lockdown plan is to stop prevaricating and do things. Just have to convince my OH now!

grannyticktock Sun 30-May-21 13:45:54

I'm sure your friend will be happy to take a lateral flow test before your visit, to help put your mind at rest. It's not 100% accurate but a negative test is a reassuring indicator that there's no sign of any infection.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 30-May-21 13:46:38

Get him to do a quick Covid Test, they are free from Chemists and take 20 minutes to give the result, we took one on 2 consecutive days just to be sure.

Skip the hugging and go straight to ............sleep?

LiliWenFach44 Sun 30-May-21 14:18:11

Thank you ... it’s being on Prednisolone that concerns me having Polymyalgia Rheumatica... as it’s an immunosuppressant...

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 14:31:17

Were you in the Shielding group?
I didn't think that taking steroids put you in this group.
Are you going to do an antibody test?
It sounds as if that would make you feel more relaxed about things - but I don't know much about them. I'd quite like DH to do one.

Jaxjacky Sun 30-May-21 14:42:34

Lili why not go for one night to start off and see how you feel? I assume he’s had both of his jabs. Give it a go with no commitment, I think human contact is so important at the best of times, but particularly now, relax and enjoy yourself.

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 14:43:37

Jacky is so right.

Manhattan Sun 30-May-21 15:02:07

I have a different auto immune condition and do periodically have to take high doses of Prednisolone.

Advice from various organisations which support people with auto-immune conditions was that taking 20mg per day or more put you at high risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid. Under 20mg a day put you at medium risk.

As the vaccine programme has rollout, organisations now say words to this effect: that steroids as tablets, liquids, injections or drips might mean that your immune system won't have responded as well to the vaccine as someone who isn’t taking these drugs. You should still follow shielding and social distancing guidance after you have had it.

So, it very much depends on what dose you are taking and where you are in your treatment programme. I understand that polymyalgia rheumatica may needs 18-24 months of steroid treatment to prevent symptoms returning.

Long term steroid use can have serious side effects so you won't want to be taking them for any longer than absolutely necessary. I'd advise a chat with your clinician but if you are only a year into treatment and are taking a high dose you may need to take care for sometime yet.