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earnshaw Sun 30-May-21 15:07:57

thinking back to the early days of lockdown, , quiet roads , parks etc, bit of a fools paradise I was lulled into , so much talk of us all emerging as a nicer , kinder , cleaner, more caring nation , , and , for a while i was swept along with that belief, the belief that somehow we would all look out for each other, and appreciate other human beings and our surroundings better, Now i have had the big reality check, so many of our nation are just as selfish, if not , more so , than they were before, swarms of people heading to beaches or mass protests with no regard for others and not caring that their actions may cause further lockdowns illness or , worse still deaths of innocents, many of them taking their children deeming school unsafe,
i lost my brother in law to the virus and see it as a real kick in the teeth to those who have lost loved ones , to those like kate garraway whos husband still battles to stay alive and to the NHS and other key workers putting their lives on the line ,will these selfish people expect doctors and nurses to pull out all the stops for them and their families, if they contract or pass on the virus, of course ,

Chestnut Sun 30-May-21 17:13:42

I too have been shocked by the number of people gathering together at the first opportunity. Beaches, parks and shopping areas heaving with people, and the protests too. It makes you realise just how crowded our country is. We have too many people in a small country. I guess they were feeling desperate to get out and about and there are just too many people in our cities. Note: the entire population of New Zealand is less than half the population of London. I rest my case.

MayBee70 Sun 30-May-21 17:45:01

I agree earnshaw. I remember listening to the silence during the first lockdown (no cars, no planes...)and hearing how the earth was healing itself because of there being so little pollution and thinking that people might learn something from it. I’m so sorry about your brother in law.

BlueBelle Sun 30-May-21 17:48:01

It’s been proved that open air activities do not hold much danger They did an experiment out door event recently with 58,000 people there, using testing etc only 15 caught Covid and that is a tiny, tiny percentage
None of the beach, protest marches, etc caused any spike last year
You are safer outside in the air
No I don’t think people are selfish we cannot stay indoors for ever most vulnerable people are now double vaccinated and in a much safer place than this time last year

MayBee70 Sun 30-May-21 17:53:52

They could still take their litter home with them, though!

Sarnia Sun 30-May-21 17:58:46

There has always been and always will be an element of people who will litter. They have no conscience. They do not care. My neighbour and I are volunteer litter pickers for our local Town Council. We have given up being angry about those selfish, idle people who discard rubbish without any thought for the surrounding countryside or who comes along behind them to tidy it all away. No amount of advertising or posters asking people not to litter will have any effect on them.

Galaxy Sun 30-May-21 18:11:56

But it is not an issue in many countries from what I can see, those with similar populations to us, they have different problems, for example I see much more graffiti in some European towns but definitely less litter.

Mattsmum2 Sun 30-May-21 18:17:31

I agree with Sarnia, there will always be humans who think it’s ok to not do what most of us will do, like looking after our environment, being kind and a good citizen. Unfortunately this is true even without a pandemic. It used to frustrate and annoy me, like the motorists who speed through my village, but realise I have little influence on what they do, think or how they were brought up. As long as I do all I can to be the best I can, educate my children to do the same, I hope one day others will follow. Who knows, until then we can only watch in despair.

greenlady102 Sun 30-May-21 18:18:16

am I going crazy? I don't see any reference to litter in the OP's post apart from the title.

geekesse Sun 30-May-21 22:57:38


am I going crazy? I don't see any reference to litter in the OP's post apart from the title.

No, it was just a rant. Someone was having a bad day.

Lucca Mon 31-May-21 09:09:07


am I going crazy? I don't see any reference to litter in the OP's post apart from the title.

Oh yes ! Odd, maybe the title was a mistake, as the thread is under coronavirus section.

maddyone Mon 31-May-21 11:02:12

No, I didn’t see anything about litter either.
Anyway, I tend to avoid places where many people may be at the moment. I’m fully vaccinated and have had Covid so theoretically I shouldn’t be at much risk out of doors, but I just avoid such places anyway. I’ve mixed with family and a couple of friends and that’s it for now. And I go to the shops and hairdresser.