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Dentists - what would you have said or done?

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MamaCaz Thu 03-Jun-21 19:03:52

A family member had an appt. today to have their teeth cleaned.

The hygienist was wearing both a plastic visor and an ordinary mask, but the mask wasn't over his nose.
He was sniffing non-stop. The patient was directly under his nostrils, and could literally see right up them, and as that coincided with the gap between visor and face, was directly in line should there be any 'leakage'

Apparently, the hygienist in question had hay fever, but was doing regular lateral flow tests, so saw nothing wrong with that situation.

Would you have said or done anything?

Lollin Thu 03-Jun-21 19:08:25

Very difficult when you have a streaming nose from cold or hay fever. Another one who should inform people before they arrive!

Tea3 Thu 03-Jun-21 19:08:32

‘I’ve had a dicky tummy all night and may have to make a dash for the loo before you’ve finished’.

BlueBelle Thu 03-Jun-21 19:21:47

Round here no one can get a dentist they are disappearing and people are left pulling their own teeth out literally