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Vaccine aftereffects (Pfizer)

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JackyB Thu 03-Jun-21 20:03:33

I had my second jab on Monday. Apart from a sore arem, I've been fine so far. Had no repercussions from the first vaccination a few weeks ago.

Today (Thursday) I have been feeling really awful. If I hadn't had the jab, I would have put this down to standing out in the heat this morning, taking down and folding quite a bit of washing. A slight touch of sunstroke? It has been really hot and humid here.

Thunderstorms are also forecast, which would make me feel woozy and give me a headache anyway.

I have to fill in the form reporting any after effects of the vaccine, and I'm not sure whether to report these symptoms, as I'm sure I would have had them anyway,but they may have been exacerbated by the vaccine.

Should I mention it?

lemsip Thu 03-Jun-21 22:15:55

I'd report them anyway saying not sure.

had both side effects apart from achy arm after second.

EllanVannin Thu 03-Jun-21 22:22:49

Well I haven't been pestered to death to have my second AZ jab thank goodness.
Nor have I had another A/Fib episode since after having the first jab. No coincidence.

calvin21 Sat 19-Jun-21 14:46:15

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Summerlove Sat 19-Jun-21 15:49:13

I just had exhaustion after my second Pfizer dose-I feel I got off lucky! I had a lovely nap!

ElderlyPerson Sat 19-Jun-21 16:15:27


Well I haven't been pestered to death to have my second AZ jab thank goodness.
Nor have I had another A/Fib episode since after having the first jab. No coincidence.

What is an A/Fib episode please?

M0nica Sat 19-Jun-21 16:29:48

Had Pfizer jabs no after effects at all.

grannyrebel7 Sat 19-Jun-21 17:13:15

Me too - nothing whatsoever.

Juliet27 Sat 19-Jun-21 17:22:41

We’ve both had both jabs with not even achy arms. However, my H, 9 weeks after the first ended up with ‘third cranial nerve palsy’. Scans could find no reason for it and he’s now almost fully recovered. But, I remembered that there were a few concerns that the Pfizer jab could cause Bell’s palsy so I have reported the condition just in case there’s a connection.

Grammaretto Sat 19-Jun-21 17:46:35

I had no symptoms whatsoever after 1st Pfizer but was anxious as I had been warned that the second could be bad, even the nurse doing it warned me.
I had no symptoms the 2nd time either.
I used it as an excuse to avoid a boring committee meeting on zoom...

You may have had a reaction or it could be heatstroke. Definitely report it.

NfkDumpling Sat 19-Jun-21 17:58:50

DH had no reactions after either of his jabs, but I had a sore arm both times. It's two months since my second jab and my arm is only now starting to feel better. Until this week it was waking me up at night when I rolled over and I couldn't lift my arm without quite severe pain. Doctor says it's nothing to worry about! Apparently it's quite common. But no one would know that it's quite common if no one had reported it, so I think all possible side effects should be reported, else how will they know?!

MiniMoon Sat 19-Jun-21 21:16:21

After my second Pfizer jab I had a sore arm. The following day I was cold and tired, so much so that I went to be at 7:30. After that I was fine.
I didn't bother reporting it on the symptom study app.

CanadianGran Sat 19-Jun-21 22:42:16

Nothing really so far other than sore arm for a day. We were vaccinated on Thursday with second dose of Phizer. I will watch my DH closely though. He has a tendency to have reactions to any drugs.

About 3 weeks after his first dose he came down with all the symptoms of covid, bad enough that we took him for a test, which was negative. He was very ill for about 3 days with sore throat, nausea and chills. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen again.

muse Sat 19-Jun-21 22:42:27

We both had Pfizer and no after effects apart from an ache arm for me after the first one.

It's been a few days since you had the vaccination but best to report it.

JackyB Sun 20-Jun-21 08:57:47

I have to send the form back exactly 3 weeks after the 2nd jab, which will be tomorrow. I'm glad I noted here what I had because I wouldn't have been able to remember it otherwise. I think I'll just put that I felt unwell but that it could have been heatstroke. The heat came very suddenly a few days after my jab, but now we have had over 30°for several days in a row and I have wilted considerably.

NannyC2 Sun 20-Jun-21 19:03:23

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Casdon Sun 20-Jun-21 19:10:23

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