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written proof of covid vaccination

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Fennel Sun 06-Jun-21 17:37:28

I've had 2 vaccinations - the astra one.
the first time they gave me a litle card with the date etc.
The 2nd I've got a letter giving the date and was given the injection. I think I handed them the card but never received another one,
So how can I get written proof that I'm fully vaccinated? Not that I'm thinking of going abroad but you never know when you migh need it.

Talullah Sun 06-Jun-21 17:38:53

Hi Fennel, I got my card back.

If you have the NHS app on your phone you'll have the info there.

Casdon Sun 06-Jun-21 17:48:52

Me too, I handed my card to them for the nurse to write the date of the second dose on, and they gave it back to me completed.

Jaxjacky Sun 06-Jun-21 18:09:23

I have my card, but more importantly it’s registered on my NHS Covid app on my phone. Bits of card can be lost and forged easily.

Teacheranne Sun 06-Jun-21 18:12:23

I don’t think it is necessary to prove that you have been vaccinated to travel, in fact haven’t the government dismissed the idea of Covid passports now? That might all change of course.

Jaxjacky Sun 06-Jun-21 18:18:56

Teacheranne should you wish to go on some cruises, you need proof. France are, from the 9th allowing tourists with proof of two vaccinations. It’s not necessarily what the UK government want, but what other businesses/countries do.

B9exchange Sun 06-Jun-21 18:22:07

EU countries will want proof of vaccination, when in the far distant future we are allowed to go! You can either use. The NHS app or ring 119 for a letter.

rosie1959 Sun 06-Jun-21 18:24:16

TeCheranne we need it travelling to Jersey
You have to have a PCR test done on arrival and you have to prove your vaccination status to avoid isolation until results received
This is for UK green and amber zones Some are red so not worth going Jersey travel can be very complicated!

annodomini Sun 06-Jun-21 18:25:26

Your vaccination record is on the NHS app (not the Covid app) and I've downloaded a PDF copy which can be accessed off line. Not that I'm considering a cruise or any other exciting travel any time soon. grin

Fennel Tue 08-Jun-21 15:58:28

Thanks for all the replies. After all that, (I was really worried) I found it in a big brown envelope marked "COVID.'
With my NHS card, blood type, example of prescriptiion , appt. letters etc.

Teacheranne Tue 08-Jun-21 16:29:00

I stand corrected! It could be challenging to provide proof of vaccinations then for the various holiday destinations if our government don’t set up a national scheme. I can imagine the chaos of turning up at border control in a country with the wrong type of proof - letter, screen shot, record on an app, card etc. France might want one type, Jersey another, cruise line something different!

Franbern Wed 09-Jun-21 08:19:07

Ihad Astra vaccine both times, and both dates and batch numbers recorded on my little card. I photographed this card - so this is on my phone.
I know that my GP's NHS records also show when I had each jab.

JackyB Wed 09-Jun-21 09:21:35

In Germany we all have an "Impfpass" which lists all our jabs -, in most cases dating back to childhood. The Covid jabs, however are on a separate piece of paper, as no international standard for certifying these jabs has as yet been agreed on.

I am sure you should have been given something, Fennel. It was very remiss of them to forget it. You might know you have been vaccinated, but what if you were for some reason unable to communicate with medical staff at some point (heaven forbid) - what is the situation then?

henetha Wed 09-Jun-21 09:48:43

When I had my second jab I made sure they filled out the little card and gave it back to me. Also I have the phone app with it on.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 09-Jun-21 10:20:00

There will be a passport scheme. It needs international agreement.

In fact a covid passport could be issued now for countrywide use.

Those vaccinated could be allowed into various venues etc. I think it would also encourage others to get vaccinated if they are wobbling.

Lin52 Wed 09-Jun-21 10:30:29

I have my card, both vaccines and batch no on, very important, and have full details on my NHS app. My friend was going to laminate her card, advise from Gov don’t do it, as any additions, such as boosters, can’t be added. New card surely, as no room on mine for booster doses.