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Adoring Grandma dilemma

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LindyB Sat 19-Jun-21 18:24:31

I would really like to have some advice/views from fellow Grandparents.
We are both fully vaccinated and our youngest grandson is 18 months old. We have missed out on so much of his babyhood and this makes us so very sad. The trouble is that now we would love to see him and cuddle him indoors and out we just don't know what to do. He seems to have a constant cold and cough. He does go to nursery and I know from our older grandchildren that once they start mixing with alot of other children this is inevitable and I would not normally give it a second thought. I just feel we have sacrificed so much that am in a true dilemma, do we carry on avoiding him indefinitely (which I find an unbearable thought) or do we throw caution to the wind and see him as we would in normal times. Do we just assume he has a cold and cough and see him regardless. This is really messing with my head. I just don't know what I should be doing any more. I adore all my children and don't want to cause them hurt by feeling rejected.

Sandycat Sat 19-Jun-21 18:31:52

As you say nursery children are always catching coughs and sniffles so I see no reason to deprive yourselves my longer. Get over there and visit - enjoy. smile

Maggiemaybe Sat 19-Jun-21 19:36:52

Yes, just see him! Our lockdown baby started Nursery at Easter when he was 12 months old, and has hardly had a day since without a spluttering cough and a runny nose. It's perfectly normal at the best of times for children new to Nursery to catch everything going, but more so for these children, who've hardly mixed with any others before. Don't miss out!

Thoro Sat 19-Jun-21 19:37:19

Enjoy his company but expect you may get a few colds while your immune system learns to deal with all the new sniffles he might pickup. I look after my3 yr old grandson and have had a few colds - but getting less now!

AGAA4 Sat 19-Jun-21 19:41:53

Definitely see him. This time is so precious. My GS always has a cold.

GagaJo Sat 19-Jun-21 19:47:35

I am in the same position. Double vaccinated but not seen my grandchild for a year. I'm not doing it anymore. He was long awaited and he and I are missing out on so much.

ElaineI Sat 19-Jun-21 20:13:22

Where do you live? In Scotland colds and coughs are treated as such unless the children have Covid symptoms (or go to a dictating childminder - another story). If they are unwell with said cold you are expected to keep them at home. If not they can go to school, nursery, childcare as normal. That would include grandparents seeing them. This is the Scottish Government Coronavirus advice. I'm not sure about elsewhere in UK.

Callistemon Sat 19-Jun-21 20:16:01

When children start nursery or school they seem to catch lots of colds.
I hadn't had a cold for quite some time until my DGC started at nursery; I was looking after them too. Then we seemed to get several.

They will alert you if there are any cases of Covid at nursery and you have had both vaccinations; I can't give advice but I would go ahead unless he is actually coughing and sneezing (even if it's just a cold, colds can be miserable).

nexus63 Sat 19-Jun-21 20:29:50

i have seen my son and his family including my little grandson over the last year, i live on my own but have had to go in and out of hospital also outpatient appointments as he is only 2 he has been in the car with us, some appointments would have meant two buses for me just to get to the hospital, so this was easier, we never went into each others houses but sometimes stopped at the park so i could watch him play, other times they put videos online or facetimed me. nurseries are very strict as far as covid in concerned, i would not think you had anything to fear if you have both been vaccinated.

SueDonim Sat 19-Jun-21 20:44:39

I’ve been looking after my 3yo GD since it was allowed and recently had my 4 & 6yo GC to stay. In the last year both sets of parents said their children in fact have had fewer colds than normal, maybe because of the hand washing and outdoor play regime.

I have rarely caught a cold from them, I think I must have had all the bugs when bringing up my own four! However, I did have a nasty cold recently which absolutely no one else caught. I tested twice for Covid, both negative. No idea where I could have got it. ?‍♀️

cornishpatsy Sat 19-Jun-21 21:40:06

I would say that you are as safe as you will ever be. Go and enjoy being with your grandson.

LindyB Sat 19-Jun-21 21:47:15

Thank you so much everyone for your kind support and advice. Yes I agree these days are so precious, we have both waited long enough and need to start enjoying life with our grandchildren and not worrying all the time about what ifs.

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 20-Jun-21 17:43:48

We’ve got to start somewhere. You’ve been vaccinated. Covid could potentially be around a few years yet. These are just colds. Enjoy?

Peasblossom Sun 20-Jun-21 17:52:24

My feeling is that with two vaccinations we are as safe as we are going to be for some time, so we have to start getting back to normal.

However, there is more likelihood that you might catch the virus, so be extra vigilant about taking precautions around other people who may not yet have had the vaccination protection that you have.

Some people are still waiting, especially for their second jab.