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Gymstagran Sun 20-Jun-21 11:03:31

Having returned from a lovely break in Cornwall with my daughter, the next day we both received a message from the NHS app saying we must isolate for 7 days. We stayed in a cottage, walked for miles and ate out on 3 occasions. Those were the only occasions when we could have been in the vicinity of a positive case. Both of us have been doubly vaccinated for a number of weeks. We will follow the rules but it is interesting to note the current discussions around the possibility of not having to isolate and instead taking daily tests. What are other gransnetters thoughts about the possible future alternative of non isolation?

rosie1959 Sun 20-Jun-21 11:12:23

They are obviously going to have to think of an alternative and the idea of daily testing seems a reasonable suggestion

muse Sun 20-Jun-21 12:18:07

I live in Cornwall. The news is frightening. There's been an increase of just over 2000% in 5 days up to the G7 conference. New variant. Cases are mainly in the far south west area (St Ives/Hayle). Another frightening fact is that some in hospital have had 2 jabs but still caught it.

My daughter, who lives near Warrington went for a drink with a friend two weeks ago. They sat outside the pub along with everyone else. She received the text and had to isolate for 10 days. It finished on Friday. She was able to trace it on her phone to when she was at this pub.

She has had both jabs. She self tested and had to do an official one. Both were negative. She still isolated.

I don't consider there should be any other choice.

Thank you so much for following the rules Gymstagran.

rosie1959 Sun 20-Jun-21 12:27:46

I think they are looking for an alternative once everyone has had their double dose.
This is for the future as people will not want to keep isolating indefinitely we don’t do it with other infections
Some already do not isolate when required anyway but they may be willing to test everyday
For instance muse as your daughter was outside they chance of contracting it were minimal if she had a job where she could not take time off it would be difficult
It would be much more beneficial economically if people did not have to be isolated with no reason

muse Sun 20-Jun-21 13:11:46

I agree rosie1959, that for the future it will be better.

Currently we have a legal duty to self-isolate and there is a £1000+ fine for those that don't. This came into force on into force on 28 September 2020. My daughter had a reminder about this in her text.

If, as you say, some are not isolating when required to do so, we stand the risk of a third wave.

Considering we get about 4 million visitors to Cornwall in the year, 1000s of people will have visited Cornwall during that 5 day period. It will only take a small % of those to now test positive and the delta variant will have spread further across the UK and even other countries.

I don't want the economy to suffer any more but I don't think we are yet in a position to say isolation isn't essential. A third wave will impact on the economy and the NHS.

But as I said, I do hope it can change. The more that are vaccinated the better.

rosie1959 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:23:20

Let’s hope so muse I do think it will be a more user friendly option because obviously all those that are supposed to self isolate many dont

foxie48 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:26:32

My daughter is in quarantine as she recently returned from Spain (not a holiday). TBH the track and trace is a bit of a joke, she's isolating in the apartment attached to our house which has a landline as there's no phone signal. Despite giving the landline as the first contact number, she's been called on the mobile, which generally doesn't work, so yesterday they didn't make contact at all.