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Painful legs afte 2nd jab

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ChrisCross Mon 21-Jun-21 19:29:00

Has anyone else experienced really painful legs, like really bad cramp in the calves after second Pfizer jab? My friend and I - both in 70's - have experienced the same thing 5 days after 2nd Pfizer jab and physiotherapist while not confirming says she "could not rule out" that it could be a delayed reaction. It's been really debilitating - particularly painful at night and coincidental that we have both had exactly the same thing within exactly the same time scale - it's easing off but has been going on for week and weeks - no other tangible explanation - my Dr also won't deny it's a possibility. Interested to hear of anyone else who might have had the same thing.

Jaxjacky Mon 21-Jun-21 20:18:00

Nothing with me, nor anyone we know.

greenlady102 Mon 21-Jun-21 20:22:22

Do you know about the yellow card eporting scheme? Also magnesium either oil skin spray or taken orally can help with leg camps

Aveline Mon 21-Jun-21 20:36:53

No problem whatsoever for me DH, DS and friends that had the Pfizer vaccination.
There are many possible causes for leg cramps. They could be just coincidental?

lemongrove Mon 21-Jun-21 20:41:10

I could hardly move my arm after the Pfizer first jab, it remained painful until almost the time for the 2nd one.Ever since then I can’t move my arm properly, and it feels ‘weak’ and also painful if I lift it up.I think this vaccine takes everybody differently and in different ways.I suppose it will just take time.

Aveline Mon 21-Jun-21 21:18:04

Vaccination technique counts too of course. My first one I felt the needle go in and it seemed to take ages. That was by an army medic. The second one was administered by a nurse and I quite literally didn't know he'd done it. Obviously really good at injecting. Similarly my flu jab last year was absolutely painless.
Perhaps lemongrove the vaccinator struck a nerve or ligament?