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Vaccine site halts jabs after being targeted by anti-lockdown protesters

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Lin52 Sun 11-Jul-21 22:46:17

We wonder why vaccine targets are not being met when such as Piers Corbyn and his mob stop a vaccination programme, taking away peoples choice whilst exercising their own. This needs stopping, this man is a danger to public health. Disgusted they are allowed to get away with it.

Casdon Sun 11-Jul-21 23:00:01

What a frightening experience for those poor staff and volunteers on the bus, the protesters should have been removed and arrested for harassment.

Callistemon Sun 11-Jul-21 23:02:52

The police were there - why did they do nothing?

lemongrove Sun 11-Jul-21 23:21:29

You may well ask!

maddyone Mon 12-Jul-21 00:06:55

This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I know people have a right to protest, but surely they don’t have a right to stop people going about their lawful business, whatever that might be.

nanna8 Mon 12-Jul-21 00:39:40

A case for Waterhoses to cool them down. Or tasers. How dare they impose their views on others? Freedom of expression is fine but when they interfere with others- not fine.

biglouis Mon 12-Jul-21 00:47:02

Sadly we have no water cannon. We should borrow some from the French. They know how to deal with riots.