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Vaxxers by Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green

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NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Jul-21 10:04:36

Radio 4 has this on at the moment.
I think it must be a really interesting story but the reader, Debra Baker (who I don't know so can't compare with anything else), is SO boring that I can't get through a single episode without my mind wandering off!

Is it just me?

Septimia Thu 22-Jul-21 10:20:27

Probably not! I haven't heard it but some people seem to be incapable of putting any expression into their voices to make things sound interesting.

Grannybags Thu 22-Jul-21 10:22:46

Not just you. I have ben thinking the same. Such a shame as it's a really interesting insight as to what went on to develop and produce the vaccine

25Avalon Thu 22-Jul-21 10:29:33

Reminds me of in school when we had to read chunks out of books to the rest of the class. It was always the same person who spoke in the most boring monotone. The rest of us either fell asleep or read pages further on.

NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Jul-21 10:34:42

I'm actually relieved it's not just me as I was beginning to wonder why I just couldn't concentrate as it is a story I'd be interested to hear.

Interestingly I've just looked this up and it's billed as a gripping story!

If I were Sarah Gilbert or Catherine Green I'd be so peed off!

NotSpaghetti Thu 22-Jul-21 10:37:25

Exactly 25Avalon - but presumably this person, who is reading on the radio after all, is being paid by someone to read the gripping tale. Maybe I'd forgive her if it wasn't her job!