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Red, amber, green

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maddyone Tue 03-Aug-21 10:34:23

Does the traffic light system need to be simplified? There’s much discussion this morning on various news programmes about the travel traffic light system, especially with the possibility of amber plus, and amber watch, and even green watch. The system leaves hard working families in flux about whether to travel or not. Perhaps they should give up the idea of a holiday abroad and plump instead for an overpriced UK break, and just accept they probably won’t get great weather. If that happens many people employed in the travel sector may well find themselves unemployed by this Autumn. What do you think? Should the traffic light system be simplified?

B9exchange Tue 03-Aug-21 10:53:37

Even Boris seems to realise that! grin If the travel industry is to survive at all, it needs certainty. People will not book a foreign holiday if they fear a quarantine imposition just before they leave or whilst they are away. I am all for people doing their own risk assessment and if they want to go, then they should, with tests enforced on return from countries with a high prevalence, but no quarantine.

Covid will always be with us. There will still be cases next year, and the year after, for the forseeable future, with variants rising and falling, that is what viruses do. We are offered good protection from serious illness with the vaccines. If you haven't seen your family for a year and a half, weigh it up. Will you take the very slight risk of a week or two in bed in order to see them?

Jaxjacky Tue 03-Aug-21 10:54:03

Looks like it will happen on Thursday.

winterwhite Tue 03-Aug-21 11:47:14

And there will be thousands of families who have cancelled holidays abroad in the last few weeks only to learn that they could now go after all, but they've lost their bookings and their refunds haven't come through and, of course, it's All Their Fault.