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BlueBelle Tue 17-Aug-21 08:31:25

I just heard from my daughter in law in NZ they have one case in NZ and now gone into a weeks full lockdown

tippytipsy Tue 17-Aug-21 09:21:20

Oh dear.
Their hopes of having zero covid in the country do seem unrealistic especially with their low rate of vaccination. And how their economy must be suffering badly too.

My niece living in Hong Kong just visited her family in Christchurch for two weeks, passing through Auckland with a fortnight's quarantine either side of her stay in hotels. I do wonder how if a traveller had the virus those working in the hotels are not in danger of catching it and passing it on.

denbylover Tue 17-Aug-21 11:01:55

Yep we’ve reluctantly joined the club. One community case in Auckland not related to isolation quarantine hotels or travel. So the obvious question, where’s it come from? And how widespread is the outbreak ? So Level 4 lockdown for 3 days initially until results from swabs determine whether it’s the dreaded delta strain. Govt assuming it is and once again going hard and going early. A dreadfully worrying time for businesses without a doubt, but this response has served us well in the past, so an excellent call. Time’s sure to tell.

Platypus Tue 17-Aug-21 14:51:10

denbylover oh dear really- hope it didn’t come from us on the big island! I hope you won’t be locked down for too long.

nanna8 Tue 17-Aug-21 15:01:46

You’re doing the right thing in locking down early. If you let it go it becomes a nightmare, just not worth the risk.

tippytipsy Tue 17-Aug-21 17:40:30

So if it is on the north island, does the south island have to lockdown too and vice versa? That sounds excessive.

denbylover Tue 17-Aug-21 20:32:07

Hi Platypus, nanna8, and tippytipsy, lovely to hear from you. Goodness knows where’s it come from, awaiting confirmation via PM at 1pm that it actually is delta. Platypus, it’s shown to be the sneakiest, most determined virus imaginable so most definitely no blame attached. Only hoping you see a reduction in your numbers very soon. Hoping also you are keeping well.
Tippytipsy, hi, yes we’re all locked down for 3 days initially. Although Auckland and the Coromandel are locked down for 7 days I believe, as that’s where the person affected lives and has recently visited. We’re in the South Island, 2 hrs south of Christchurch. Jacinda’s made a good call, very decisive. So yes, lockdown is applicable to all in the meantime.
Nanna8, yes thank you, it seems to be the only answer. It feels as if the whole country is collectively holding its breath! No complaints, we’ve had a dream run compared to most of the world, strange times indeed. Bye for now, please keep well. X

maddyone Wed 18-Aug-21 00:48:53

I’m afraid lockdown isn’t the only answer, the answer is vaccination. Unfortunately NZ has only vaccinated 17% of its eligible population, which given the length of time since the vaccines were available, is very poor. At the height of the vaccination programme in the UK, we were vaccinating half a million people a day. If NZ had done that the whole population could have been vaccinated in about two weeks, and as NZ is apparently only going to use the Pfizer vaccine, it would have provided very effective protection, since Pfizer is said to be more effective against the Delta variant than some of the other vaccinations. My daughter and son in law have gone to NZ to work as doctors and feel very disappointed that this has happened, as they thought they were getting away from Covid. Without vaccination Covid will never be contained, and it seems likely that the world is going to have to live with Covid as we do with flu.

MayBee70 Wed 18-Aug-21 01:01:04

I agree maddyone. I really don’t understand why NZ hasn’t vaccinated it’s entire population by now. The new variant is just itching to get going on an unvaccinated population. It must be so frustrating for your daughter and son in law to see this happening. I can’t help but feel that it’s a result of the bad publicity spread about the AZ vaccine which is going to result in so many people being infected unnecessarily. Dr Johns latest blog showed statistics showing how the vaccine reduces the incidence of long covid as well. And so many people I know just seem to be behaving as if the pandemic is over.