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Teenagers making informed decisions about getting jab

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Struthruth Mon 27-Sep-21 13:07:55

My 15 year old grandson does not want the jab. He says that his friends are not having it and his mum has not but this is not affecting his decision. We are discussing it in a light hearted fashion, I’m trying hard not to make him defensive and to listen to his reasons. He has notions of adolescent invincibility thinking he will not contract it. As it is his GCSE year I am concerned that if he becomes infected it will be more time off school isolating and what if he got it when sitting exams!

He is a young carer for his mum who has mental health problems. He says his mum is letting him make up his own mind.

Can I expect the school to do more to help students with their critical thinking skills and to guide particularly disadvantaged teens to make an informed choice and not be influenced by peer pressure or social media.

Suggestions as to how to handle this situation welcomed.

Riverwalk Mon 27-Sep-21 13:41:10

You started the same thread a couple of weeks ago and received a number of helpful replies, which you didn't respond to!

JaneJudge Mon 27-Sep-21 13:44:31

I've had to give consent for my youngest to have his this week but school and the NHS has said it is up them to consent themselves. I presume they will be spoken to beforehand. I'm not sure what happens if your daughter hasn't given consent, presumably he wont have it anyway?