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Isolation length, is 7 days enough?

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Cid24 Fri 15-Oct-21 15:30:31

I tested positive today for covid. I think I have to isolate for ten days.
But , if I feel better before then and do test which comes back negative, then is it
ok to go out and about again?

Zoejory Fri 15-Oct-21 15:32:24

It is 10 days and no, I think you have to stay isolated no matter how well you are feeling. And do get well soon smile

BlueBelle Fri 15-Oct-21 15:41:22

10 days you can’t cut corners hope you recover quickly

maddyone Fri 15-Oct-21 16:01:02

I understand it’s ten days too. You can’t cut corners, you have to do the full time.

Kittye Fri 15-Oct-21 16:06:33

If you feel like we and others we know felt, 10 days won’t be enough ?

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 15-Oct-21 17:36:08

You cannot be serious. Ten days means ten days. I presume you have heard of people who have no symptoms but are infectious?

Katie59 Fri 15-Oct-21 17:36:37

10 days but take a Lateral flow test to make sure you are clear, free at a pharmacy or test centre

MayBeMaw Fri 15-Oct-21 17:40:22

10:days is presumably easy enough to understand?

NotTooOld Fri 15-Oct-21 17:57:02

I think Cid24 was making a reasonable query. Sounds like she is genuinely unsure and wants to do the right thing. Please, no need to be unkind.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 15-Oct-21 19:05:21

People who ask questions like that are one of the reasons we still have such high numbers of cases and deaths.

Scentia Fri 15-Oct-21 19:08:45

You won’t test negative after 7 days anyway. Even though it is only contagious for 10 days you may still test positive up to 21 days after PCR I was still positive after 18 days.
Don’t go out before 10 days, please.

ElaineI Fri 15-Oct-21 19:19:23

If you can look up Gransnet you can easily look up coronavirus advice on the government website of all 4 nations. Best to use these as it is the most accurate and up to date. For instance day symptoms start is day 0 - 10 days isolation - leave isolation day 11. Scentia is right about testing positive but can be up to 3 months apparently.

Maggiemaybe Fri 15-Oct-21 20:24:48

Have you had your PCR test, Cid24? Once the result comes back positive you should get a text and an email giving you your isolation dates. Then a call from Test and Trace to reinforce this and to tell you under what circumstances you would have to stay in isolation longer. There are no circumstances that would let you leave it earlier. ?

Maggiemaybe Fri 15-Oct-21 20:27:01

Sorry, I’m not sure where the smug grin came from. And I meant to add get well soon.