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booster vaccination refused Pfiizer/Moderna due to "contra-indicat ions" No access to Astra Zeneca/ications" ;

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grannotmum Tue 19-Oct-21 14:58:38

I can't be given Pfizer/Moderna booster.But I am totally unable to get any information about Astra Zeneca boosters,. anywhere online or phone. The dedicated government phone line was was a complete waste of time-the person I talked to admitted that they had been given no information. It seems no-one in NHS has any information about this. Is anyone else in this position? Any helpful suggestions appreciated.I am overdue for a booster now.

Jaxjacky Tue 19-Oct-21 15:08:36

This says the majority will get Pfizer, but some can get AZ/Moderna.

BlueBelle Tue 19-Oct-21 15:09:00

No sorry I m not in this position, As far as I have read they are not using AstraZenaca for the booster at all I don’t think it’s available to be used I know this isn’t helpful for you, have you talked to your GP

BlueBelle Tue 19-Oct-21 15:10:02

Sorry Jacjacky your post hadn’t shown when I posted

Baggs Tue 19-Oct-21 15:42:01

I had Pfizer for first and second jabs and then something called Comirnaty for my booster last Saturday. I had no problems with any of the jabs.

Nannarose Tue 19-Oct-21 16:15:29

I would not ask about AZ - I would simply ask what you can be given instead of P/M.
In fact I would begin with why you can't be given P/M - if you were told this originally then it may have changed now.
I would begin with your GP - even if you didn't have the first immunisations there.

M0nica Tue 19-Oct-21 16:15:55

'Comirnaty' is the Pfizer jab. That is what is written on all the paperwork I had for my original 2 jabs and I was definitely given the Pfizer jabs.

FoghornLeghorn Tue 19-Oct-21 16:18:02


I had Pfizer for first and second jabs and then something called Comirnaty for my booster last Saturday. I had no problems with any of the jabs.

Comirnaty is the Pfizer vaccine. The company has just rebranded it. God knows why. ?

Baggs Tue 19-Oct-21 16:42:03

Thanks, Monica and FoghornLeghorn. How weird. Pfizer might look difficult to pronounce until you see Comirnaty!

Alegrias1 Tue 19-Oct-21 16:52:55

Apparently Comirnaty is an amalgam of Covid, mRNA and community confused


MayBee70 Tue 19-Oct-21 17:14:21

Some countries have stopped giving the Moderna vaccine and some are only giving it to certain age groups.

FlexibleFriend Wed 20-Oct-21 12:23:43

I was told by my haematologist to avoid the pfizer jab for the initial vaccine so asked at my recent appointment what I should have as the booster. This time apparently I'm fine to have the pfizer with no further explanation given. I can't say I'm convinced as this time I didn't see my own haematologist but one of the team who also said I should be taking other medications that I've been told in the past to avoid. I've got a few weeks before I need to have the booster.